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Dark Star


Dark Star (1996-2001): a Rock band from London, UK.


ark Star were an English psychedelia rock band, formed in 1996 in London under the membership of vocalist/guitarist Christian Hayes, drummer David Francolini and bassist Laurence O'Keefe born from the ashes of the trio's former band Levitation, who split up onstage in 1994. The act got back together when Francolini suggested working together again to Hayes and O'Keefe in 1996, stating that, "there was always this sense of unfinished business".

The band first signed a publishing deal with 'Warner/Chappell Music'. When the A&R scout they were dealing with moved to work at 'EMI', he signed the band over there as his first act in the job to impress his new boss. The band subsequently released their debut EP Graceadelica in 1998 on 'Harvest Records', the progressive rock subsidiary of 'EMI'. They released their second EP I Am The Sun in 1999, along with their debut single About 3am.

Twenty Twenty Sound would be their proper debut album on 21 June 1999. The album was recorded live, with Hayes stating that the band "recorded it all live so basically we just got in there, set up and did what we always do and got the best take. It's the best way to record a record really."

Following promotion and touring, the band recorded two tracks with record producer and remixer Danny Saber (who remixed Graceadelica for single release) in Los Angeles. After scrapping that session, the band entered the studio later that year to record their second album but this, too, was unfinished as the band parted ways with 'EMI' shortly later and failed to secure a new contract before splitting in 2001. As for that aborted record? An un-mastered 7 track version of the album, titled Zurich omitting the tracks Roman Road and Valentine, was leaked a few years after the split; it is unconfirmed whether this was the official title or even if the record was supposed to be released at all.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Dark Star with the Birmingham, UK act of the same name.

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