Boy Hits Car


Boy Hits Car (1993-present): a Nu-Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.


n the same style as Korn and System of a Down, nu-metal act Boy Hits Car was formed in 1993 featuring Cregg Rondell (vocals, twelve string guitar), Louis Lenard (guitar), Scott Menville (bass) and Michael Ferrari (drums). After releasing their first album on the independent Texas based label 'Seismic', My Animal (1998), they engaged on the Sno-Core Tour and signed to Epic imprint 'Wind-up Records' to release their self-titled affair; the track, LoveFuryPassionEnergy, used as a theme song for WWE Hall of Famer Lita and was distributed on the WWE (then called WWF) Forceable Entry compilation album in 2002.

A third album was self released in 2005 called The Passage. In July 2006 the band re-released the album after signing with 'Rock Ridge Music' as their distributor. The band followed-up with their 5th studio album All That Led Us Here (2014).

In 2004, Johnny Ransom took over drums with Will Jenkins assuming the role in 2012 and Erik Peterson taking over in 2014. Dusty Hunt took guitar in 2005 to be replaced by Mike Bartak. Bill Gower took over bass in 2006.

Stealing Fire (2011) and All That Led Us Here (2014) followed. Although initially aimed at the nu/alternative metal market, the band have since moved onto a lighter and more pop sound on recent albums.

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Dashboard for Boy Hits Car

Nation USA
City Los Angeles, California
Genre Nu-Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Diskery ID 1587

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