Stroker (2002-2006): a Heavy Metal band from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.


ade up of Stephen Smith (bass), Mario Rondeau (guitar) and drummer/vocalist Moe LeBlanc, three like-minded musicians with a common goal to serve up a big ole slab of hard rock and get some recognition in the process, Stroker would be born.

Stroker was founded when Rondeau and LeBlanc met at a car show and began to discuss the possibility of starting an original band, something that Rondeau had been looking to do for some time. Smith had been playing in a cover band with LeBlanc off and on for 10 years and with his talent on bass he was brought into the fold. One and a half months after the band got together they took their material to Easter Island Studio, and after a two-week effort and working late into the night they completed the master for the first album.

Now, with their debut album under their belt, they would proceed to make an impact in their hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. Three live shows would quickly follow. In their first live performance they were the headliners for Summerfest part 1 (April 27th 2002); they loved performing just as much as they loved recording. Stroker then held a CD release party where they kept the crowd of over 170 people rocking all night long to the aforementioned debut CD The Edge Of The Night, on June 19th 2002.

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They then opened for Canadian rockers Chilliwack on the second evening of Summerfest. All had a good time as the crowd reacted positively and loudly with Stroker. Chilliwack was impressed with the performance. Immediately after this show 'Emperor Multimedia Corporation' contacted Stroker and their CD's will now be available through their Diskery site. Pretty exciting news for the boys. [Was someone special in the audience?]

People around the also got a taste of Stroker when their title song Edge Of The Night went up against Sum-41's title track What Were All About from the Spiderman movie that was just released in theaters that week. Stroker at that point was hardly known but only lost the challenge by 2% of the vote!

Being a new act they have recently been shopping for labels, including 'Warner Bros.', 'Sony' and 'Divine Recordings' (the label owned by Ozzy Osbourne). The trio is proud and excited to have attracted the attention of Mr. Andrew Loog Oldham, the man who discovered, managed and brought The Rolling Stones to America where he managed their careers for about the next 8 or so years, and the rest as they say is history. Oldham had been listening to Edge Of The Night from his home in South America; he has commented favorably on the CD's overall concept.

In 2006, however, it would all suddenly change when the band dissolved and Mario Rondeau would form his new act Doomzday Jezuz.

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Dashboard for Stroker

Nation Canada
Location Sudbury, Ontario
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2002-2006
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 158

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