Mournblade (1982-1989, 2012-present): a NWOBHM band from London, UK.


unken Francis Mullet (vocals/harmonica) and Richie Jones (guitar) formed Mournblade in September of 1982 with Aladdin Waz Jarrah (drums) joining soon later. Sharing interests in science fiction literature and bands like Hawkwind, The Pink Fairies and Motorhead they quickly started writing music together and within a few months, their first gig arrived at the Ealing College student union hall in 1983 with the line up of Derek Jasnock (keyboards), Richard Jones (guitar), Dunken Francis Mullet (vocals/harmonica), Tim Boyd (drums), Richie Jones (guitar) and Clive Baxter (bass).

They used the books of Michael Moorcock as influence in early material and live performances, including Mullet once undertaking 14 costume changes as well as props like a long wooden sword, a man sized Victorian doll ("Victoria"), a decaying WWI soldiers mask, a devil suit with huge wing span ... and most strangely... and a 'space helmet' made from a motorcycle crash helmet sprayed gold, covered in LED lights and a laser light!

After signing with 'Flicknife Records', Times Running Out, their first release, came to be in 1985. Despite a hard touring schedule, and a sound similar to Hawkwind, interest in the band faded quickly.

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By 1985 the line-up had settled on Dunken Francis Mullett (vocals/harmonica), Stephen Loveday (guitar), Richie Jones (guitar), Garry "Magpie" Bowler (drums) and Paul "Blacken" White (bass/vocals), but in 1987 Jones left.

The band eventually dropped the fancy theatrics and costumes to adopt a more stripped down NWOBHM approach; giving them the distinction of being largely thought of as the last band to join that genre. Now a 4 piece, the keyboards were replaced by Paul "Blacken" White's distorted 8-string bass.

The band went on to release their second album, Live Fast Die Young (1989). But the resulting tough tour schedule, often seeing a show performed every day in large succession throughout England and Europe, would result in the band split later that year.

In 2012, motivated by fan requests, the act reformed. With only 3 days rehearsal (due to the 2005 move of Mullett to New Zealand). The reunion started with their performance at The heavy metal Maniacs festival in Hoorn, the Netherlands, as captured on the documentary Mournblade - The Resurrection film. Two more albums resulted, Live & Loud, a recording of live sessions from the rehearsals for the reunion show in 2012, and Live in Holland, a double DVD of the documentary and reunion show. Anthology Volume 1 (2011) a live and demo combo CD compilation also followed, along with Time's Running Out 2015 (2015).

Footnote: At a book signing Moorcock officially gave Mullet and Jones permission to use the name "Mournblade", a sword from one of his most famous books.
Do not confuse this band with the American act of the same name.

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Nation UK
Location London
Formations 2
Active Years 1982-1989, 2012-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1555

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