Handful of Hate


Handful of Hate (1993-2007): a Black Metal band from Italy.


andful of Hate started in 1993. Coiners of the phrase "Carnal black metal" to describe their style, after several line-up changes, they would finally release their first demo, Goetia Summa, in 1995. They played several live shows in northern Italy before finally being picked up in 1996 by a label to release Qliphothic Supremacy, and proceeded to tour in Italy again. In 1999 their second album, Hierarchy arrived in. Lyrically, the album dealt with sexual, fetish, and carnal concepts. A 7" entitled Death from Above was released in 2001, the resulting production much cleaner than their previous recordings. 'Code666 Records' then put out a double compilation entitled Better Undead Than Alive that included one track off of Death from Above in 2002. October 2003 saw the release of the band's newest full-length album Vicecrown, an album that got the band even more recognition, in November of the same year, they released a 7" ep called Scorn and Conquest on 'Warlord Records' that included many unreleased songs, as well as an Impaled Nazarene Cover. They followed it up with another EP called Blood Calls Blood, that featured two unreleased songs and the tracks Death from Above and The World is Prey from the Death from Above promo. Their latest recording was the 2009, You Will Bleed.

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Dashboard for Handful of Hate

Nation Italy
City Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-2007
Last Modified 2022-09-25
Diskery ID 1524

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