Frost (1996-present): a Black Metal band from Hungary.


he band was formed in May 1996 as a trio. The members: Gábor Dévényi (guitars/vocals), Ferenc Mocsnik (drums), Krisztián Békei (bass). During that summer they recorded the Inno A Satana demo. Some months later Krisztián Békei left the band to be replaced by János Fürjes. About the same time Larion (synthesizer), Roland Hüse (guitar), and Krisztián Antal (singer). But in 1997 Gábor Dévényi left the band for a small period of time, so the demo was recorded without him.

In 1998 Under demo and the split release, A Tribute To Tormentor released together with Ahriman, on which they played the song titled Elizabeth Bathory were recorded with full staff again.

During the same year the band attended a talent scouting competition, called Rockpárbaj (Rock Duel) and came in 4th out of 20 groups. In 1999 the Songs cassette EP was released featuring István Kalinka as singer. Soon after János Fürjes, Gábor Dévényi and Larion left the act because of musical disagreements. Tibor Mile stood in for Larion to play the synthesizer while Ferenc Mocsnik changed to bass and Ferenc Gyöngyösi moved into the drum stool.

In 2000 'Nephilim Records' offered a deal to Frost. The band recorded then its first record but the record company went bankrupt, so Érd was published by 'Stygian Shadows Production' featuring the new line-up of: István Kalinka (vocals), Roland Hüse (guitar), Toltán Tóth (synthesizeresizeresizer) and Ferenc Mocsnik (bass/drums). In between, Zoltán Valter (guitar) joined the band in time for the release of Voices Beyond The Gates EP (2004). In 2005 American label 'Paragon Records' secured the rights for the release, along with a remixed release of Elizabeth Bathory as a single.

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Dashboard for Frost

Nation Hungary
Location Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1996-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1475

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