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My Little Murder


My Little Murder (2004-present): a Rock band from Cardiff, UK.


ark punk/post hardcore band My Little Murder from Cardiff, Wales combined dual guitar solos reminiscent of 1980s rock anthems and heavy rhythmic riffs with melodic vocal harmonies and louder screaming vocals.

Forming around September 2004, My Little Murder immediately began to build up a set worth of material so they could get onto the gigging circuit; that first show at TJ's in March 2005.

In August 2005, My Little Murder recorded their debut EP titled Ding Dong You're Dead which was self released January 2006. The EP would help them to break out of the South Wales circuit and start playing more nationwide shows supporting bigger names.

In February 2006 Kob, the drummer at the time left the band, causing complications with regards to booking new shows at a time when things were starting to look good. After a two month search and countless auditions, My Little Murder were back with their new drummer Owen Weeks (ex-Shaped By Fate) and with this, the music started to take a heavier edge.

My Little Murder continued to gig around the UK in 2006, constantly improving their live performances and stage presence, whilst building up a following and reputation. During this time they also wrote a lot of new material which, although roughly demoed, they are hoping to record properly in the near future.

My Little Murder have played with the likes of Matchbook Romance, Against All Authority, Mouthwash, The Spill Canvas, Parkway Drive, Shaped By Fate, Dopamine, Covergirl, The Blackout, Midasuno, Raging Speedhorn, Hondo Maclean, Mendeed, Streetlight Manifesto (formerly Catch 22), Adequate Seven, Fastlane and many more across parts of the UK. At last record, the act featured: Adam Parsons (Mouth/guitar), Ryan Steadman (guitar), TBC (bass/backing vocals) and Owen Weeks (Pots and Pans).

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