Black Funeral

Black Funeral (1993-present): a Black Metal band from Houston, Texas, USA.


ormed in 1993 by industrial musician Michael Ford (a.k.a. Akhtya Nachttoter; vocals/bass/keyboards/lyrics), Black Funeral was one of the first seminal cult black metal bands in America. Inspired by early Bathory, Von, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, early Emperor, Mayhem and Burzum, their debut demo Journey's into Horizon's Lost (1994) was recorded and distributed everywhere possible. The recording's ugliness, bad production and extreme sound may have placed Black Funeral as one of the most chaotic black metal bands in the USA. Musically Black Funeral was a cold and raw mix of black and death metal; always ugly and harsh. The next demo, Of Spells of Darkness and Death (1995), featuring Asmoderic (Real Name: J.B. York; drums) and Nocturnal (Real Name: Jim Hensley guitars/bass) was no less the same as the predecessor.

Each subsequent release would see him improve his craft, along with a host of included musicians. By the time the first album proper emerged, Vampyr - Throne of the Beast (1995), Blackangel had joined as second guitar & bass.

Empire of Blood (1997) saw everyone dismissed with Ravennacht joining on guitars but by Moon of Characith (1998) only Ford was left. Belial Arisen (2003) saw Ford with Abberoth (guitars).

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In 2004, Ford had invested heavily in developing methods in the studio to produce quality black metal while working on his Hexentanz and Psychonaut 75 side projects, having discovered a way to do this in the vision and scope of Black Funeral; Az-i-Dahak (2004) would show the result. The music of Az-i-Dahak was black metal formed and created in an industrialized way, although never loosing the essence of being cold and brutal. Michael Ford was accompanied by Dana Dark (vocals) and Lux Ferro (Real Name: Elda Isela Ford; vocals) for the album and the next, Ordog (2005); Lux Ferro was the wife of Michael Ford, they would later separate both musically and personally. Waters of Weeping (2007) would feature Ford performing solo again.

Marchozelos (guitars/bass/drums) would be the guest on Vukolak (2010). J. Deimos Kahn Demiurge (Real Name: Jake Kohn; guitars) would be the feature on the EP Choronzon Blood Rite (2012).

After Ankou and the Death Fire (2016) with Ford and Azgorh Drakenhof (guitars/bass/keyboards/songwriting) the compilations Vampyr - Throne of the Beast/Journeys Into Horizons Lost/Of Spells of Darkness and Death (2016) and Journeys into Horizons Lost/Of Spells of Darkness & Death (2017) would follow. The Dust and Darkness EP would represent the 2018 work.

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Nation USA
City Houston, Texas
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1993-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2020-03-28
RRCA File Code UC001029
Diskery ID 1468

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