Brides In Bloom


Brides In Bloom (2003-present): a Hard Rock band from Tallinn, Estonia.


he melodic music of Brides In Bloom combines the sounds of modern and classic rock. This kind of symbiosis produced a unique sound and uniformity that hasn't before been heard in Estonia. Brides in Bloom's live performances can be characterized as energetic, enchanting and communicative. On the stage, the 'Brides are said at their best. The band released a four song EP No Excuses in 2006 then toured actively around Estonia, and managed to create a solid fanbase there. With their new single in the Estonan radio playlists, their status in the local music scene grew stronger than ever.

Brides In Bloom was formed in October 2003, when two media students Mick (vocals) and Mark Lee (guitars) decided to join forces after their previous bands had broke up. Since then the line up has changed couple of times before featuring to 'classic' line-up as Mikk Tammepõld (a.k.a. Mick), whose singing style has been compared to the likes of Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley and Jim Morrison. His previous projects have been Freeday Micks first group, where he developed his songwriting skills; Lolita a funk-jazz group with a little touch of progressive rock, and Nostation, a simple clean sounding rock group. Mick had studied classical piano and self-taught guitar player. He has a Bachelors Degree in Film & Video.

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Behind the rhythm guitar is the band's heart and soul Martti Leetsar (a.k.a. Mark Lee), who is the writer of many Brides In Bloom songs. His previous project was Flashback where he was the band's lead figure and songwriter. Mark studied classical piano and was a self-taught guitar picker. He boasts a bachelors degree in Film and Video.

Behind the drums is Priit Mägi (a.k.a. Max) who worked with several professional Estonian bands (Ruffus, Shelton San to name two).

On the bass guitar is another experienced musician in the form of Riivo Torstenberg, whose previous bigger projects have been Forgotten Sunrise and Nostation.

On the solo guitar is the band's youngest member Taavi Langi, who at the age of 22, rose to become amongst the elite of Estonian guitar players. Already as a young kid he studied classical guitar and won several contests in the Baltic states. Has studied pop-jazz guitar in Viljandi Culture College.

Despite all this behind them, they were not heard from after their debut EP.

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