Unleashed (1989-present): a Death Metal band from Kungsängen, Stockholm, Sweden.


nleashed first made their mark on the world with their first album, Where No Life Dwells, in June of 1991. Maintaining a strong line-up , this sturdy Swedish quartet went on to release what amounted to nearly an album per year. The quick turnaround of releases resumed when Unleashed followed up their deadly debut with Shadows in the Deep in June of 1992, Across the Open Sea in October of 1993, Live In Vienna in February of 1994, and Victory in March 1995. The stream of yearly releases continued with Eastern Blood Hail To Poland (1996) and Warrior (1997) until a break and a return with Hell's Unleashed (2002) and Sworn Allegiance (2004).

Another proud tradition of Unleashed is their dedication to their Nordic heritage, something which founding member Johnny Hedlund (bass/vocals; ex-Nihilist) has kept alive in lyrical tales such as The Defender and Precious Land, each of which seek to keep the strength and honor of the Viking bloodline intact. Indeed, many consider Unleashed to be the first death metal band centering on Viking/Scandinavian history and heritage in their lyrics. Along with fellow founding member Anders Schultz (drums) the music has maintained a varied mix of songs that run from a slow, churning crush (Hail The New Age), to an adrenal rush (Scream Forth Aggression).

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By the time the debut was released, the membership included Tomas Olsson (guitars) in place of Robert Sennebäck. But by 1995 Fredrik Folkare (guitars) had replaced the remaining founding member Fredrik Lindgren. In 2006 the drum stool was briefly occupied by Jonas Tyskhagen.

Midvinterblot (2006) and Hammer Battalion (2008) would follow before the release of their first compilation in the form of Viking Raids 1991-2004 (2008).

As Yggdrasil Trembles (2010), Odalheim (2012), Dawn of the Nine (2015), The Utter Dark/...Revenge compilation (2015), The Hunt for White Christ (2018) and The Hunt for White Christ (EP & Rarities) EP (2018) would follow.

Footnote: Not to be confused with the short lived American band from the 1980s.

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Dashboard for Unleashed

Nation Sweden
City Kungsängen, Stockholm
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1989-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 1422

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