Blood Obsession


Blood Obsession (2001-2013): a Death Metal band from Stottville, New York, USA.


n May 18th 2001, former members of a widely known local band, Internal Crisis, recruited Carlo DAmato to play bass for their sound. Todd Bozek (drums) and Chuck Stafford (rhythm guitar) had finally acquired the tools necessary to put Infanticide (the bands first name) on top. Combining their influences, like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Carcass, Nile and Black Sabbath, they were able to produce a sound unique to them.

Shortly after Carlo D'Amato (bass) joined the band, the search for a vocalist had ended when Erik Rodriquez was introduced to the scene.They then recorded their first three-song demo at Center Stage Productions wi th the aid of sound engineer Tim Lynch. Copies were distributed at live shows and received positive response. Utilizing the power of the internet as yet another tool for mass promotion, they started a band web page allowing people to download their music and give them feedback. During this time, numerous shows were played at Navigators, Northern Lights, Mother's, and Saratoga Winners.

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At a show at Mothers, Matt Geuther (lead guitar) saw Infanticide perform and was impressed by their talent. Within a month, Geuther was a member of the team displaying his ability as a lead guitarist; a position that would complete the band line-up. After Geuther's induction, the band saw some rocky times but survived. Once the smoke cleared, they walked out a different group with more dedication, new material, and a new name: Blood Obsession.

2003-04 brought more opportunities for the band. Blood Obsession appeared on several compilation CDs in New England, New York City, and Europe, not to mention playing shows around the local New England states, including New York itself, and ended 2004 with the release of their debut full length CD title, Death Surrounds.

In April 2005, after the departure of Erik (vocals), and with the addition of Josh Ripper Wheeler on vocals, the act would spend the year playin g many shows on stage with bands such as: Incantation, Anal Cunt, Fecal Corpse, Anal Blash, Shroud Of Bereavement, Clittorture, Solace Of Requiem, Demized, Leukorrhea, Lust Of Decay, Senseless Mutiliation, Kurixis, Mucopus, Mutilated, Bone Crushing Annihilation, Crag, Solidification, Re-Creation, and Assault... to name a few...and playing the Chaos Fest and the Sickshit Fest, Blood Obsession have a busy year ahead of them.

Their first, and currently only, live recording Live 2004 arrived in 2004.

In August 2006, longtime member D'Amato left the band to pursue other opportunities. He has been replaced by C. Damien McLaughlin on bass.

A four song demo, Unrelenting, was released in 2009 featuring re-recordings of Blood Obsession classics with the current lineup, and Geuther filling in on session lead guitar.

Raped and Consumed, their next full length arrived in 2010 under the revised line-up of Todd Bozek (drums), Carlo D'Amato (guitars; of-ChrysAOR), Josh "Ripper" Wheeler (vocals), Mario Consolo (guitars; of-Reaper (USA)/ex-Assault F.Y.C.) and John LaBombard (bass).

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Dashboard for Blood Obsession

Nation USA
Location Stottville, New York
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2001-2013
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1418

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