Phantom Vision


Phantom Vision (2000-present): a Gothic band from Lisbon, Portugal.


ince the beginning, in May 2000, Phantom Vision worked hard to established themselves to be known starting by their participation in the International Hall of Dreams Festival at Porto (Portugal). In December of that year they would release their debut, Nocturnal Frequencies, on the British 'Nightbreed Records'.

In May 2002 the song Archfiend from that first album was included on the German compilation, Dark Awakening II, released by the independent German/North American label, 'Cop International'. 'Cop' would follow it up in 2003 with the act's next release, Traces of Solitude.

In February 2004, the video clip for Strange Attraction from the third album was recorded, while in June of that same year, Calling the Fiends, their third album, would be released. In March 2005, their The Darkest Skies track from the second album was used by Paramount Pictures as part of the Soundtrack for a new North American TV release, Navy NCIS on episode number 13. In 2006, their Instinct release would arrive featuring the membership of: Pedro Morcego (vocals/programmings/bass/guitars), Pierre Dumond (keyboards), and André Joaquim (guitars). Ghosts would appear in 2015.

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Dashboard for Phantom Vision

Nation Portugal
Location Lisbon
Genre Gothic
Formations 1
Active Years 2000-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1411

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