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Double Cross


Double Cross (1995-present): a Rock band from Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.


he act Double Cross was formed in November of 1989 by guitarist Clive Leung and drummer Rob Mendoza. Originally Mark Shilladay served on bass and Ron Bailey hosted vocals. When they started they were all enrolled at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida USA. They played mostly for private parties at first. By 1990 they had created their own material, unfortunately Bailey decided to leave; soon after they would experience several more line-up changes as well as a college degree or two. The operation finally settled down with Richard Lingenfelder on vocals. Leung and Mendoza returned to school for graduate studies and formed the publishing company 'Brandergnu Music' for their upcoming self-published Double Cross release.

The 11 track Windows, their 1994 debut, received fair reviews. Mendoza decided to leave in December of 1994, preferring to perform harder music, and Keven Tayler took his place. By the fall of 1995, they were ready for their second release the 14 track Stoned Kitty.

Stoned Kitty received fair reviews, and the title track was featured on 'Emperor Multimedia's' Alliance compilation recording later in 1999. It was a diverse recording featuring musical styles from '90's pop and Alternative to '50's rockabilly. By the end of the year, their first opus was still getting play as well as their new effort. They played a blistering 63 live shows and conducted numerous interviews in 1996! Double Cross had established themselves as a professional staple on the Central Florida music scene and have yet to play again.

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Double Cross

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