Chaosweaver (2004-present): a Death Metal band from Helsinki, Finland.


he name says it all. "Chaosweaver": Puppet master of pandemonium and controller of disorder.

Drawing influences from old horror flicks, historic literature and the dark side of the human psyche, Chaosweaver's music is a combination of in-your-face guitar riffs, thundering beats, roaring vocals, majestic soundscapes and catchy melodies - but with a sinister twist.

Another candidate for the band name was "Fearweaver", but Chaosweaver was chosen instead - by coin toss.

The band was called upon by the dark forces of evil to unleash the unspeakable horrors on humanity in 2004. Pasi Kolehmainen, a veteran of Finnish metal scene from Mystification FF and a number of other underground bands, started thinking about forming a new ensemble after a long break. He had a vision, the required skills and a bunch of razor sharp guitar riffs.

Several band members came and went, until in early 2006 the band found the line-up of Kolehmainen (guitar/vocals), Markus Laakso (bass/backing vocals), Janne Hakuli (drums) and Tapio Ahola (keyboards). The new line-up recorded two songs in an enigmatic setting in the middle of the woods in May 2006. The tracks titled Angel and Flaming Rain can now be heard on the bands debut 2006 demo, Weaving the Chaos.

Line-up changes were on the horizon, most notably when Kole (Kolehmainen), one of the founding members, left in July 2008 due to musical and personal disputes with the other members. The band decided not to replace him to finalize with: Jack Tyger (drums/ex-Mystification), Albert von Fleischer (guitars/ex-Kuolemanlaakso, ex-Verjnuarmu), Cypher Commander (vocals/ex-Ajattara, ex-Deathchain, ex-Shade Empire) and at live events Mika Pusa (guitars (2009), bass (2012-present) andJanne Niiranen (guitars).

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Puppetmaster of Pandemonium (2008) arrived and after the release of several singles, Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger would follow in 2012.

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Dashboard for Chaosweaver

Nation Finland
City Helsinki
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2004-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 1385

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