Engorged (1997-present): a Death Metal band from Portland, Origon, USA.


ince their debut in 1997, Engorged have performed live with acts such as Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Pungent Stench, Impaled, Cephalic Carnage, Six Feet Under (USA), Phobia and many more. Their recordings consisted of 1999s Death Attack 2 ('Razorback Records') and 2001's Engorged ('Century Media/Necropolis') and 2004's Where Monsters Dwell out 'Razorback Records'. These albums have been accompanied by several split releases over the years with the likes ofImpaled (Oakland, California USA), Fuck...I'm Dead (Australia), Ghoul (Pensylvania, USA), Funerot (Washington, USA), Fondlecorpse (Neatherlands)!, and Gruesome Stuff Relish (Spain). The band's membership consists of: Ryan (guitar), Noah (guitar), Shad (drums), Kevin (bass) and Dave (vocals).

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