Kill Rhythm


Kill Rhythm (2003-present): a Thrash Metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


rom the ashes of 4 other Vancouver area bands Kill Rhythm emerged in late 2003 with Noise Therapy bassist Rob Thiessen and his drinking buddy Chris the Weasel Gorst (ex-Holly McNarland) at the helm with the idea to form a band for "the sake of getting together and drinking a case of beer once a week".

The search for more members resulted in the acquisition of Mykill who had once played with Thiessen on a Kiss tribute record. Some drum machine assisted four track demos ignited an offer to record a porno movie soundtrack. Unable to pass on such a distinguished honor, the guys immediately called the most suitable drummer for the job, former DDT/Noise Therapy basher Bobby James.

Armed with porno movie money, a fridge full of beer, and enough guitar amps to level a small village; the quartet entered Ear Art Studio in Spring 2004 with producer Tim Neuhaus and emerged with their debut self-titled EP, a four song slab of rock & roll chaos with such thought provoking lyrics as the instant classic "Real Good Time on a Killing Spree". Live shows ensued and A second EP, Double Platinum (2004), was released and more beer money was made.

By the end of 2004, Bobby stopped showing up for rehearsal, leaving the band with a dilemma - how do you replace Bobby James? Mykill sent an email to the drummer from his all time favorite Vancouver band, Rob Wade of Flybanger. Wade then called Thiessen to get the lowdown. Within minutes, Kill Rhythm had found their drummer. For a group who proudly boast the amount of beer they consume it was a major surprise when Wades former Flybanger band mate Garth Allen, a non-drinker, joined on as second singer.

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With Tim Neuhaus once again at the helm, Kill Rhythm 3 (2004) was unleashed. More melodic, more dynamic, and benefiting from the new double lead singers approach, the band once again took their show out to the people playing any venue that would pay them "18 beers, 6 hi-balls and a case of bottled water".

After a line-up change featuring the membership of Garth (vocals), Rob Thiessen (guitar), Weasel (guitar), Mykill (bass), drummer Rob (drums) to release their self-titled debut in 2007. The act would split in 2014.

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Dashboard for Kill Rhythm

Nation Canada
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2003-
Last Modified 2023-02-28
Diskery ID 1342

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