Mork Gryning


Mork Gryning (1993-2005, 2016-present): a Black Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.


örk Gryning (in English it means "dark dawn") was formed in 1993 by Goth Gorgon (Real Name: Jonas Berndt; guitar/keyboard/bass) and Draakh Kimera (Real Name: Peter Nagy; ex-Defender; vocals/drums/guitar). Their early work as a duo in Tusen År Har Gått (1995) and Return Fire (1998), along with Maelstrom Chaos (2001; with Mattias Eklund (a.k.a. Avatar; added on guitar/backing vocals) would be of the traditional black metal style, but by the time of Pieces Of Primal Expressionism (2003; with Johan Larsson (a.k.a. Aeon) replacing Eklund) the band had moved toward incorporating death metal and progressive metal elements into their sound while maintaining the black metal base; the album gained critical acclaim. Kimera would leave after the release. In very early 2005, founding member Goth Gorgon had lost interest in extreme music and closed the band up after their self-titled release.

In 2016 the act would reform with Gorgon boast a whole new line-up in the form of C-G (Real Name: Carl-Gustaf Bäckström; drums), Draakh Kimera (Real Name: Peter Nagy-Eklöf; drums/guitars/keyboards/vocals), Avatar (Real Name: Mattias Eklund; guitars/vocals) and Aeon (Real Name: Johan Larsson; keyboards/guitars/vocals (backing)) to release Hinsides vrede (2020).

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Mork Gryning
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Dashboard for Mork Gryning

Nation Sweden
City Stockholm
Genre Black Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1993-2005, 2016-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 1327

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Mork Gryning


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