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Withering Surface


Withering Surface (1994-present): a Death Metal band from Denmark.


orming in October 1994, Withering Surface within a year, had released their debut demo Unique (1995) featuring the membership of Kaspar Boye Larsen (bass), Michael H. Andersen (vocals), Allan Tvedebrink (guitar) and Jacob Gundel (drums). In 1996 Withering Surface were featured on the Extremity Rising compilation CD on 'Serious Entertainment', and shortly after the band signed a CD-deal for two albums with 'Euphonious Records/Voices Of Wonder', after having compared offers from other labels. In September and October of that year Withering Surface recorded their debut album Scarlet Silhouettes in the Swedish Studio FrEDMan with producer Fredrik Nordström (known for his work with At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity etc.). The album also featured guest appearances by Jesper Strömblad (guitarist for In Flames) and Jimmy Christensen (guitar) who would leave later that year (and subsequently replaced by Heinz Schultz for the following year only before Marcel Lech stepped in). The album was subsequently released in March of 1997; a version with a bonus track was also released for the Japanese market. A track was also recorded as a cover of the Mercyful Fate track called The Oath for feature on a Mercyful Fate tribute album by French label 'Listenable Records'

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1998 saw the band adopting more melodic and technical leanings on their follow-up CD The Nude Ballet recorded at the Sweet Silence Studios (Metallica, Morbid Angel, etc) despite problems with their line-up and label. The departure of guitarist Marcel Lech allowed for session guitarist Jacob Zimmermann to take his place temporarily, but during this time the studio songs were written for a single guitarist until old friend, Jakob Krogholt joined on to do a lead on the song Joyless Journey which lead to him becoming a permanent member.

2001 saw the band change labels to the small English based 'Copro Records' for a three-album deal in June. Subsequently the recording of Walking On Phantom Ice arrived in the autumn of 2001. In 2003 Lukas Meier would take over the drum stool for the Ichor EP (2003) on their own 'Wither Music' (Limited to 1000), and Force The Pace (2004) after which the band broke up but subsequently reformed in 2005 to release Meet Your Maker (2020) under the membership of Jakob Gundel (drums), Allan Tvedebrink (guitars), Michael H. Andersen (vocals (lead)), Morten Lybecker (keyboards), Jesper Kvist (bass) and Marcel Lech Lysgaard (guitars).

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Withering Surface
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