Mortem (1989-2007): a Death Metal band from Moscow, Russia.


urrently featuring Vladislav Berestenko (guitar),Vitaly Glushko (vocals), Maxim Grigoriev (bass/vocals), Yuri Om (drums) and Fyodor Poyarkin (guitar) but with former members Mikhail Raschetnov (bass) and Alexandr Vasilyev (guitar) Mortem have proven to be one of the better examples of Russian death metal and their works are prized among Russian metal music collectors. Their discography includes Born by Evil (demo; 1991), Amputator (1993), Filicide (2000), Death Is My Name (2002) and Corpsophagia (2005).

As of 2007, their line-up had settled on Vitaliy Glushko (vocals), Mikhail Ryabyshev (guitars), Pavel Bekhtemirov (guitars) and Andrey Ischenko (drums; who is ex of an enormous number of bands).

Though their active years were few, the past membership included:
Evgeniy Beryozin(bass; 1989-1990)
Yuriy Om (drums; 1989-2005)
Sergey Pechyonkin (guitars; 1989-1992)
Alexandr Chuprikov (guitars/vocals; 1989-1993)
Stanislav Metlushka (bass; 1990-1993)
Gennadiy Kudryavtsev (vocals; 1990-1993)
Fyodor Poyarkin (guitars; 1992-2004)
Michael Raschiotnov (bass; 1993-1995)
Shlem (guitars; 1994-2001)
Alexey Logvinov (bass; 2000-2002)
Vladislav Berestenko (guitars; 2001-2003)
Maxim Grigoryev (bass; 2002-2005)
Dmitriy Kon'shin (bass; 2005)
Nikita Simonov (bass; 2006-2007)

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They split in 2007.

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Dashboard for Mortem

Nation Russia
City Moscow
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1989-2007
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 1308

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