Infernal (1997-2003, 2008-2013 ): a Black Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.


lso known as Infernal 666, Infernal were a recent comer to the world of brutal old-school black metal and are basically a super group of big names in the black metal community. Indeed they could be described as a side project or even a retirement home for many ex-Dark Funeral members for it features almost every past member that has ever graced that band, indeed it was started by David Parland (a.k.a. Blackmoon) in 1996 (the year he left Dark Funeral).

Infernal started off with three recordings in the form of their self-titled EP debut in 1999 on 'Hellspawn Records', Summon Forth The Beast EP (2002) now signed to 'Hammerheart Records', and the Under The Wings Of Hell split CD in 2002 with Dark Funeral, a platter that contained the entire contents of the self-titled Infernal debut.

The band would split in 2003 and reform in 2008 to release The Infernal Return EP (2010) and Under the Hellsign compilation (2018).

Over their short history they have boasted the membership of (past members):
Lord Abbadon (Real Name: David Henning Parland; ex-(Martyrum, Mortifer); guitars/bass)),

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Matte Modin (ex-(Defleshed, Embalmed, Sportlov, Raised Fist, Dark Funeral, Nonexist, Sarcasm, Usurpress, Fireborn); drums (1997-1999)),

David Larsson (ex-(Adversary, War, Behemoth); guitars/vocals (1997-1999)),

Themgoroth (Real Name: Paul Nordgrim; ex-(Bloodshed, Obscuratum, Passive, Waranthem, Dark Funeral, Nattsvargr, Rev 16:8, Scum); guitars, vocalss (1997-1998, 1999)),

Håkan Sjödin (ex-(Obscuratum, Blackwinds, Setherial, In Battle); drums (1999)),

Tomas Asklund (ex-(Dawn, Gorgoroth, Dissection, Dark Funeral, Maiden Disciples); drums (2002-2003, 2008-2009)),

Typhos (Real Name: Henrik Ekeroth; ex-Dark Funeral, Funeral Mist); guitars/vocals (2002-2003)),

Martin Halfdan (ex-(Necrophobic, Ordo Inferus); guitars (2008)) and

Carl Engström ex-(Astaroth, Attentat, Dødsfall, Elvarhøi, Kvalvaag, Sarpedon, Troll, Abyssic (live), Dynasty of Darkness (live), Desiderium, Moloch, Carpticon, Sanzia, Endezzma, Thornbound, Isvind (live), Agate); drums (2010)).

The act broke up again in 2013.

Footnote: Not to be confused with the band of the same name from Kristianstad, Sweden, not to mention those from countless other countries.

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Dashboard for Infernal

Nation Sweden
City Stockholm
Genre Black Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1997-2003, 2008-2013
Last Modified 2023-02-28
Diskery ID 1303

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