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Disiplin (2002-present): a Black Metal band from Kongsberg, Norway.


ormed by lead guitarist General K (Real Name: Haakon Nikolas Eihwaz Forwald; a.k.a. Savant M; bass/guitar) after quitting Myrkskog in 2000 and grabbing part of the membership of defunct Desolation Squad, Disiplin, also consists of Ausslavia (Real Name: Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen; R.I.P. 2011) on vocals, Krig (Real Name: Stefan Granum) on rhythm guitar, and Nex (Real Name: Marius Haugan) on drums.

Plucked from obscurity on the strength of a demo that impressed Satyricon frontman, Satyr, Disiplin's story is one of old-fashioned A&R, for he signed them to his 'Moonfog' label.

Following their demos, Vama Marga (2002) and Vama Marga - Inferno Festival (2002), Disiplin's self-produced, self-named debut album, featuring guest appearances by ex-Emperor members, Bard Eithun (a.k.a. Faust) and Tomas Tormodseter Haugen (a.k.a. Samoth) in 2003, would be a presentation that showcased mid-tempo riffs intermittently layered around black metal blast beats.

The DeathRite Sessions (2003; split with Khaos Kommando and featuring Cosmocrator (drums)) and Anti-Life (2005; featuring Lars Stian Havraas (a.k.a. Invictus) on bass) would follow before a long break seeing the band completely reform, leaving only Weltenfeind playing all instruments on Wolf-Age EP (2008). Hostis Humani Generis (2010) would see Wulfclaw (Real Name: Marius Huseby; vocals/lyrics) join but would be gone for Radikale Randgruppe (2011).

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In 2011 Christiansen would die of colon cancer.

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