Disinter (1993-present): a Death Metal band from Lima, Peru.


t was February 1996 when a death metal tape was spread around the Peruvian scenery, under the title of Laments From The Castle Of Sorrow. The blistering demo would display skill & performance of a new death metal band named Disinter, a band formerly known as Demigod (changed due to a Finnish band having the same name). Despite knowing of both a Mexican and American band using the same name they chose to keep it.

One year later, (April 1997) the Unborn demo follow-up was born with a schizophrenic cover. Opinions were divided in relation with this production: the dark atmosphere found in Laments From The Castle Of Sorrow was somewhat lacking to open a path to a more extreme sound, with a higher technique and performance, influenced by North American vein of the '90s death metal generation. Laments Of The Unborn compilation summed up those past demos (2001), while Hell Gate (2005) would finally offer the band a full length album proper under the membership of Roberto Leonardi (drums), Alejandro Hernández (bass), Luis Sánchez (guitars) and Israel Beltran (vocals/guitars/bass).

Infierno de arena/Impale the Enemy EP (2016) under the membership of Beltran and Leonardi with Nimer Gómez (guitars), Pepo Trillo (guitars) and Leo Navarrete (vocals), and the self-titled Disinter (2019) under the membership Beltran (now calling himself Coprophagus), Leonardi, Nimer Gómez, Pepo Trillo, along with Leo Navarrete (as Esophagus) on vocals would follow.

Footnote: Not affiliated with the Mexican or American band of the same name.

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Dashboard for Disinter

Nation Peru
Location Lima
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2023-02-28
Diskery ID 1292

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