Killers (1982-present): a Heavy Metal band from Bayonne, France.


he original 1984 line-up of Killers is represented today only by Bruno Dolheguy. He used to play rhythm guitar in the early years when Killers was a five-guy band from Bayonne, France. He would change to singing later. Under this early line-up of Michel Camiade (drums), Didier DeBoffe (guitar), Patrick Le Calvez (vocals), Pierre Paul (bass), along with Dolheguy himself on guitar, Killers recorded two LPs, Fils De La Haine (1985) and Danger De Vie (1986), but two years later the original line-up split with Dolheguy continuing on his way with new pals Philippe Borda (drums), Miguel Caron (bass), Francois Merle (guitar) and Serge Pujos (vocals).

The second line-up saw two more albums recorded, Mise Aux Poings (1987) and Resistances (1989). When the lead singer decided to quit music, Dolheguyadded the roll to his guitar work in 1991. 1992 saw replacement members David Pepiot (bass) and Parick Soria (drums) stepping in. Three studio-albums followed in the form of Cities Interdites (1992), Contre-courant (1995), a live album Ennemis En Public (1996; featuring Alain Garcés (bass) and Fabrice Arnouts replacing Merle on guitar (Roman Jacques would subsiquently replace him a year later)), and Fort Interieur (1998).

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After the release of Fort Interieur, Dolheguy decided that it was time to change the line-up again; thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary. Many would consider this line-up to be the classic setting, featuring Bruno Dolheguy (vocals/guitar), Patrick Oliver (bass), Nicko Andrieu (drums) and Thierry Andrieu (guitar). 109 followed in 1999, with Mauvaises Graines (Bad Seeds) being squeezed out during the change of the millennium. That same year Killers also visited the Waken festival

In 2001 their first album with English lyrics arrived in the form of their Killing Games.

Mise Aux Poings 2001 arrived as a compilation featuring concerts, album tracks and multimedia based on the original 1987 album of the same title but with re-mastered songs using Dolheguy's voice along with brand new packaging. But tragedy struck the act when shortly before the release of 'the album, Nicko Andrieu the drummer of the group, was killed in a motorcycle crash during month of June.

The death of Nicko put Killers and his fans into a state of confusion, but the band decided to go on. History also played a part in the decision for they believed their fallen comrade would have wanted them to and that three years earlier, Nicko had been victim of a road accident and had been replaced by Florent Pouey, road drummer of the group, during a gig in Brittany. Pouey had shared several adventures with the band (mostly the trip to Wacken) and now became the new full time Killers drummer. In 2002 the band would resume in force with their next effort, Habermus Metal and À l'ombre des vautours (2007).

10:10 (2012) saw Carlo Di Matteo join on drums but was gone with no replacement by the time Imido arrived the following year, along with Le baiser de la mort (2015) and Trajets-dits (2017).

Footnote: Not affiliated with the US or UK Killers bands.
Footnote: The 1986 band shake-up was more than just a simple membership shift. Due to disagreements among band members, the band split into two different operations with Bruno Dolheguy keeping Killers and the four other members Pierre Paul, Didier Deboffe, Patrice Le Calvez and Michel Camiade leaving to form Titan.

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Nation France
Location Bayonne
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1982-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 1280

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