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Indungeon (1996-1999): a Death Metal band from Mj√∂lby, √-sterg√∂tland, Sweden.


he act Indungeon started as a side project of members from black metal acts Thy Primordial and Mithotyn. The band was formed during the summer 1996 with the membership of Cethulhv(Real Name: Jonas Albrektsson; guitar), Lord Von Managarmr (Real Name: Stefan Weinerhall; bass), Mournlord (Real Name: Karl Beckmann; drums/vocals) and Asmodeus (Real Name: Mikael Andersson; guitar).

After some months of rehearsal they recorded their debut demo including five songs, one of them a cover version of Bathory's Die In Fire. Before the official release of this untitled demo tape they sent out copies to a bunch of record labels, just to see what kind of response they would receive, and in the very last days of 1996 they received a contract from American 'Fullmoon Productions'. So instead of releasing the demo, they saved the songs for their debut CD. In order to promote the band they released the now titled Machinegunnery of Doom demo in 1997, as well as two tracks being recorded for the compilation CDs of A Tribute To Hell and the FMP Sampler (both in 1998). Their debut CD arrived in April 1997 under the same name as the demo and included 10 songs of death metal infused thrash metal inspired from the 1980s with war inspired lyrics, often known as "War Metal". The Misanthropocalypse followed in 1999 shortly before the band split.

Footnote: Jonas Albrektsson played guitar on the first album while Stefan Weinerhall played bass. For the second album, they switched instruments. The band went under their Real Names on the second album.

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