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Ritual (1991-present): a Death Metal band from Lima, Peru.


onstituted in 1989, Ritual opened shop playing the fastest death metal in Perú at the time. Their first demo called Macabros Pensamientos En La Obscuridad was released in 1992. Ritual played in Aarica, Chile and many places in neighboring Lima, Peru. The release of their first album was in 2003 called Darkness... And From Her The Chaos Was Conceived (2003), soon after supporting it with a performance in Arica with death metal/thrash metal crossover act Torturer and release a split with that same fellow national act featuring four new songs, in the same line of Ritual.

Formerly featuring members Wilder Acosta (vocals), Hugo Castillo (guitar), Danny Kadesh (guitar), Johnny Muro (bass), they released the aforementioned Macabros Pensamientos En La Obscuridad in 1992, the act at time of printing features Hector t34 (vocals/bass), Juan Carlos Avila (guitar), Eduardo Chinchay (guitar) and Christian Vidal (drums) to release the aforementioned Darkness ... and From Her the Chaos Was Conceived (2003) and Split w. Torturer (2004) that would be followed by EP 2009 EP (2009), Crucified at the Southern Lands EP (2012), Impaled Flesh (2013) with Juan Carlos Avila guitars (lead)), Eduardo Chinchay guitars (lead)) and Richard García (drums), Ritual de muerte (2015) and The Age of Tribulation compilation in 2017, before a falling out of sorts would occur, leaving the band's future in dispute; the final album featuring only Avila.

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