Ved Buens Ende

Ved Buens Ende (1993-1997, 2006-2007): a Black Metal band from Oslo, Norway.


he now (apparently) defunct Ved Buens Ende was basically quite unknown in the course of its existence but gained widespread accolades in the underground scene since its demise. Ved Buens Ende was formed in 1993 of the "common era" by singer/drummer Carl-Michael Eide (a.k.a. Aggressor), guitarist Yusuf Parvaz (a.k.a. Vicotnik) and Hugh Steven James Mingray (a.k.a. Skoll) on bass. Later that year the band debuted with a 30 minute long demo entitled Those Who Caress The Pale. This little gem gained only minor attention in their native country and the rest of the world when it was first released. They attempted a follow-up with another demo, entitled Written In Waters in 1995.

Later, in 1995, Ved Buens Ende returned on the British label 'Mysanthropy' to re-release the Written In Waters demo now as an album proper, which was guested by the backing vocalist Lill Katherine Stensrud. The album gained positive response from the press, but only little commercial success. The band subsequently toured with assistance from the session singer Simen Hestnæs but soon after Ved Buens Ende was disbanded.

Carl-Micheal, Vicotnik and Skoll decided to get back together in 1996 for a new album, which was going to be entitled: Half Visible Presence. All the material for this album had been written but was never recorded.

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1997, however, saw the re-release of Ved Buens Ende's demo material as a limited-edition EP box by 'Mysantropy's sub label 'Ancient Lore Creations'. It was intended as split with the Old Man's Child demo In The Shades of Life but due to business difficulties that never happened. Those Who Caress the Pale demo finally saw the light of day re-released in 1997 as their final album. The act attempted a reformation in 2006 but broke up a year later. Aggressor would be involved with the band Virus during parts of Ved Buens Ende's tenure, after its demise.

Footnote: Rumor has it that a few of their concerts before their first break-up have been videotaped by an early fan from the audience. The existence of the audio of one of those concerts has been verified.

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Nation Norway
City Oslo
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Reformations 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1993-1997, 2006-2007
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2020-11-29
RRCA File Code UC000805
Diskery ID 1251

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