Blood Red Throne


Blood Red Throne (1998-present): a Death Metal band from Kristiansand, Agder, Norway.


orway isn't exactly known for Death metal, especially not the bludgeoning American type especially the Florida flavor, but Blood Red Throne came about in 1998 to deliver just that when Død (Real Name: Daniel Olaisen) and Tchort (Real Name: Terje Vik Schei; ex-Emperor) were performing together as party of Satyricon's touring band. Desiring to play with Death for a while, Freddy "Fred The Shred" Bolsø joined them on drums to begin rehearsing by playing songs by Deicide, Death and Obituary. When five string guitarist Erlend Caspersen joined, the band began writing their own material. Their premier recording demo Death Mix 2000 (2000) resulted in several offers from record labels and attention in the press. Blood Red Throne decided to subsequently sign to 'Hammerheart Records'.

Work began on completing the line-up and continued writing of songs for the debut album. Long time friend and drummer, Mr. Hustler (Real Name: Flemming Gluch), was then persuaded into joining. He agreed just two weeks before recording was scheduled! Tchort had riffs left over originally written for the planned debut self-titled album of Green Carnation (his first Death metal style band) which he brought to Blood Red Throne and with original material from the rest, their debut, Monument Of Death (2001) took shape in the rehearsal room.

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Monument Of Death was the first ever heavy metal album recorded in Dub studios in Kristiansand with producer Endre Kirkesola. It was then mixed at Berno studios in Malmö, Sweden by Henrik Larsson (Amon Amarth, Vomitory). The album would be released in late 2001 to feature a limited-edition package called the suicide kit which not only contained the album, but also a printed razorblade and a poster. The kits were hand numbered in the band member's own blood! Needless to say this shtick caused a massive controversy at home and around the world. The razors would later be removed, but not after they had served their purpose in raising awareness for the new band's activities.

In may 2002 the limited edition mini album A Taste for Blood was released containing the often-requested material from the Deathmix 2000 demo. It was basically a compilation of past works by also including a cover song by massacre, the very first release ever done by the band and featured on the Nordic ii compilation, and a song from the debut album; all re-mastered! At this time, Freddy Bolsø, due to work commitments, had to quit the band. A replacement was found in Blackler Espen "beist" Antonsen (ex-Slagmark).

The band played at the highly acclaimed Inferno Festival with bands like Behemoth (Poland), Dimmu Borgir and Aeternus, supported Dimmu Borgir on their Norwegian tour, played the Ssmash Fest in Poland, and performed with label mates Exmortem at the new Southern Discomfort festival.

2003's Affiliated With The Suffering would be the newest chapter of the bloody tales of blood red throne and featured basses Erlend Caspersen.

After Altered Genesis (2005), Come Death (2007) featured vocalist Vald (Real Name: Osvald Egeland) and Aanders Faret Haave (drums). Souls of Damnation (2009) and Brutalitarian Regime (2011) then followed, the latter featuring Emil Wiksten on drums and Ivan "Meathook" Gujic (guitars). Another membership change would appear for the follow-up self-titled featuring Ole "Bent" Madsen (bass) and Vngve "Bolt" Christiansen (vocals). Freddy Bolsø would appear on drums for Union of Flesh and Machine (2016) and Fit to Kill (2019), while Imperial Congregation (2021) saw Sstian "Gunner" Gunderssen taking over bass.

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Blood Red Throne
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Dashboard for Blood Red Throne

Nation Norway
Location Kristiansand, Agder
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 1221

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Blood Red Throne
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