Tyr (1998-present): a Progressive Metal band from Torshavn, Faroe Islands.


tarted in January 1998, Tyr was originated by Faroe Islanders living in Copenhagen: Heri Joensen (guitar/vocals), Jón Joensen (guitar; Heri Joensen's brother), Kári Streymoy (drums/vocals) and Pól Arni Holm (vocals) to eventually release their Tyr Demo in 2000. Before Tyr, Heri Joensen and Gunnar H. Thomsen formed their first band, Cruiser, at the age of seventeen. Streymoy also played with them for a short while. They later changed their name to Wolfgang. Although neither band released any albums, Wolfgang, who are still active, recorded an undisclosed number of songs that, according to Joensen, are "pretty much ready to release.

Basing their style on the likes of Black Sabbath, Dream Theater and Metallica but featuring melody and harmony reminiscent of Faroese and Scandinavian folk music with a touch of classical to fall into all the categories of progressive, "viking" or "folk" metal.

Týr had their Faroese breakthrough in April 2001 when they participated in the Prix Føroyar contest. Their Ormurin Langi would prove to be the greatest Faroese hit ever in the Faroes. Early 2002, the same song hit big time in Iceland and paved the way for Týr's popularity there.

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In 2002, Týr played 30 concerts in 5 different countries including: Denmark, Iceland, Faroes, Norway and Latvia. With the modified line-up of Pól Arni Holm (vocals), Heri Joensen (guitars/backing vocals), Gunnar H. Thomsen (bass/backing vocals), Kári Streymoy (drums/backing vocals) they released their How Far To Asgaard on the 'Tutl' label worldwide before completing their touring with the Jomsborg Viking Festival in Poland as well as more dates in Scandinavia and Russia. Later that year a new demo titled Ólavur Riddararós would appear along with full time vocalist Allan Streymoy. In 2003 their Eric The Red follow-up album resulted, also on the 'Tutl' label.

Terji Skibenæs joined after Jón Joensen had left in 2001.

Skibenæs then left the band after the release of Eric the Red, leaving the band as a trio for a while. In the summer of 2004 Týr were joined by Icelandic guitarist Ottó P. Arnarson but he soon left and Skibenæs returned.

Kári Streymoy suffered a back injury in January 2008. Amon Djurhuus, a Faeroese drummer and student of Streymoy stepped in on the European part of the Paganfest tour; Merlin Sutter filled in on the US part, with Daniel Ryan for the Canadian portion. After that for the festival tour in Europe, Amon Djurhuus filled for Streymoy again. By October Streymoy was ready to return. In 2013 Streymoy would be gone again, now permanently. George Kollias would take his place for the Valkyrja album, while Amon Djurhuus took over temporarily to allow the band to honor touring commitments.

In the mean time, and keeping with their tradition of performing songs about Norse Mythological stories, the albums Ragnarok (2006) and Land (2008) were released.

2008 saw Attila Vörös assume guitars from Skibenæs while 2014 would see Amon Djurhuus take the drum stool.

By the Light of the Northern Star (2009), The Lay of Thrym (2011) and Valkyrja (2013) then followed.

For Hel (2019) the membership consisted of Heri Joensen (lead vocals/guitars), Gunnar H. Thomsen (bass guitar/backing vocals) and Tadeusz Rieckmann (drums).

A Night At The Nordic House arrived in 2022.

Footnote: Týr (pronounced like the English word "tear") is a Norse god; a Norse war god, but also the god who, more than any other, presides over matters of law and justice. The origins of the name "Tuesday" (the day of the week) come from the name of the god Týr. Týr was one of Odin's wives.

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Nation Faroe Islands
Location Torshavn
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1191

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