Abaddon Incarnate


Abaddon Incarnate (1994-present): a Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland.


ounded in 1994, Irish band Abaddon Incarnate started out as a death metal band named Bereaved in 1991 and released the albums Signs Of Death and Tortured Souls. Now under the membership of Bill Whelan (guitars), Steve Maher (vocals), Rob Tierney (bass) and Olan Parkinson (drums) they would release their debut demo tape When the Demons Come (a five-track demo tape that was recorded in 1 day at Dublin's Sonic Studios in 1995; it sounded similar to Possessed's 7 Churches LP which was a total fluke on the bands behalf and subsequently featured 3 songs that would later appear on their first album).

Parkinson would leave to England to join Blastcage in 1995, but would return two years later to rejoin and assist the band in the creation of the Aeons Of Us Rising demo in 1998. Their debut would be The Last Supper (1998) under their original 1994 line-up.

In 2000 Tierney became disillusioned with the music he was playing and decided to quit the band. A replacement was found in Cory Sloan (ex-(Afterlife, Thy Sinister Bloom, Arcane Sun, Fifth Dominion)). A tour of Germany was organized with Impending Doom. Around this time they also supported death metal act Morbid Angel and Impaled Nazerene. In 2001 Nadir followed featuring featured 24 blistering grinding death metal tunes.

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Parkinson would leave yet again but lack of drummers skilled in their style in Ireland at the time (a time when this style was not popular) would force them to hire him back. Soon after, however, Sloan decided to depart. Parkinson also took a hiatus in Australia while Maher and Whelan sorted things out. Left as a two-piece again in 2002, just as they had been in 1996, a new record deal was hammered out with Dave Rotten's 'Xtreem Music' label in Spain (replacing their last with labels 'Season Of Mist' and 'Sentinel' respectively). A session drummer was found in Jason Connolly from Irish band Primal Dawn. Bass playing duties were also taken up by old friend Brendan Roache (ex-Sinister Demise/ex-Kingdom).

With this line up, Abaddon Incarnate headlined the Carnage Festival in Switzerland and a tour of Spain and France took place in 2002. 2003 came and Parkinson had organized a tour of Australia with the help of Mark Streater of Extreme Noise magazine. This offer was too good to refuse and Whelan and Maher left for Australia to meet up with Parkinson and start the tour. Although the band was together again and all the gigs were a success, internal pressures proved unmanageable. Upon returning to Ireland, 2 farewell gigs, Fuck The Commerce festival in Germany and another one in Northern Ireland saw the departure once and for all of long suffering member Olan Parkinson.

Jason Connolly was enlisted full time and Cory Sloan returned to the group. In the final months of 2003, Abaddon flew back to Soundlab studios in Sweden to record their third album Dark Crusade.

Cascade (2009) and Pessimist (2014) would see Steve Finnerty assume bass/vocals, and Johnny King take the drums.

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Dashboard for Abaddon Incarnate

Nation Ireland
Location Dublin
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1994-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1177

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