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V:28 (2002-2008): a Death Metal band from Arendal, Norway.


ounded by Kristoffer Oustad, Atle Johansen and Eddie Risdal, V:28 started in the spring of 2002 and raised from the ashes of their previous band V:O:I:D. V:28 would be a half-human/half-machine band, with an apocalyptic and cold atmospherics musical style. The concept of the band was based on a prophecy about the deconstruction and transformation of Earth, thereof the V:28, the voice of "innovative deconstruction". The first V:28 demo Time Is Empty was recorded in April 2002 and received very good reviews in the metal press. In addition to this, V:28 played their debut concert as support for Enslaved in May 2002 featuring founding members Kristoffer Oustad (guitars/programming), Eddie Risdal (vocals/guitar) and Atle Johansen (bass). Later the same year drummer, Børre Iversen, joined forces with V:28, and a support concert for Red Harvest and Cadaver Inc. ensued in October 2003. Due to different interests in further developments V:28 split with the drummer and returned to the use of programd drums thereafter.

In June 2003, V:28 entered Subsonic Society Studios to record their debut album, NonAnthropogenic, with LRZ, known from Red Harvest, as producer. The album featured a special appearance from Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved with vocals on two tracks. In September of that year, V:28 signed a contract with the American label 'Vendlus Records'. The debut album NonAnthropogenic was released on Halloween 2003. Another demo followed, with VioLution full-length following in 2007. After the Total ReConstruction Compilation (2008) the band split up. A live album, Live in Arendal 2008, would be released posthumously in 2018.

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