Forgotten Silence


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Forgotten Silence (1993-present): a Death Metal band from Rosice, Czech Republic.


ormer members from thrash metal bands Sax and Remembrance, specifically guitarist Madved (Real Name: Pavel Urbánek) and bassist/vocalist Krusty (Real Name: Alexandr Novácek) formed Forgotten Silence in the autumn of 1993. Medved was the instigator that brought the two groups together into one as his side-project, an attempt to create a thrash metal act with experimental tendencies and adding members Prochin (Real Name: Pavel Procházka; guitar), Bana (Real Name: Michal Nevrivý; keyboard) and Straton (Real Name: Michal Procházka; drums) to release The Nameless Forever...The Last Remembrance (1994) after only 6 months of rehearsals.

Prochin, Bana and even Straton left the band almost immediately after releasing the debut work. Krusty and Medved decided to compose new material first and then to look for replacement band-members. The band saw Medved & Krusty recruit Marty (Real Name: Jan FriEDMan; keyboard), Hanka (Real Name: Hana Nogolová; vocals; surname changed to Hajdová after marriage), Chrobis (Real Name: Radim Chrobok; narration) and Milon (Real Name: Miloslav Nahodil; drums) for the release of the Thots (1996); in the case of Milon he was a quick session replacement for Z.S. Bismarck who had left only a few days before entering the studio. You can also hear guest member Jewel (ex-Love History). Chrobis (ex-Rvhp/ex-Love History) and Hanka (ex-(Prolog/Endless/Love History) were also guest performers with Chrobis and Hanka becoming full members after. A deal with 'Obscene Productions' followed.

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More line-up changes commenced soon after, however, when keyboard master Marty left the band, Hanka (Real Name: Hana Va?ková Št??íková) would take over the role, Lauda would join that spot for only the split vinyl with Agony, The Hills Of Senyaan Pt.II. But the release was delayed when problems with communication between the band and their record label appeared. Indeed, troubles also started with keyboardist Lauda, leading to the aforementioned Hanka taking the position.

Young and active label from Southern Moravia, 'Red Black Productions', showed interest in band's new material in summer 1998. And a double-CD edition with two bonus tracks emerged titled Senyaan later that year.

The end of year was in the sign of guitarist Biggles' (Real Name: Jirí Kucerovský; ex-(Morpork/Re/Anime) arrival for several live performances and the tribute CD compilation A Tribute To Master's Hammer, not to mention entering a digital studio for the first time because they are true lovers of "analog", and recorded another split vinyl with Notre Dame before August of 1999 when the keyboardist decided to leave.

Chrobis left during studio recording with Milon taking over the roll to help complete KaBaAch (2001) on 'Red Black'. Iggy (Real Name: Igor Mores; ex-(Monastery/XYZ/Zizlilz/Hypnos); guitar/programming) helped them with intermezzo parts. The band then supported their new album with live shows (with Adis on vocals and Milon on drums).

More line-up changes followed and the band started to rehearse again in the spring of 2002. Planning to compose something more acoustic and experimental, the results was the 7" EP Yarim Ay (2002) featuring Medved, Krusty, Biggles, Hanka, Siki (Real Name: Michal Sýkora; cello) and Petr Kudibal (guest percussion).

For the follow-up EP, Bya Bamahe Neem (2004), all the musicians were featured on various tracks, the new members being Cepa (Real Name: Zden?k ?epi?ka; drums; tracks 1, 5) and Kudibal (Real Name: Petr Kudibal; percussion; tracks 2, 3, 4).

Krusty, Medved, Cepa and Marty remained for the release of Kro Ni Ka (2006), La grande bouffe (2012) and Re:Retro '93 EP (2014), with the exception of Hyenik (Real Name: Hynek Stancík) added on guitars for Re:Retro '93 and Satyr (Real Name: Petr Ševcík) on added vocals for La grande bouffe.

For Kras (2018) Medved was not present, however, he remained a member of the band, while Satyr had become a full member on lead vocals.

Footnote: As Remembrance (1992 - 1993) they released only one demo tape called Tales From The Other World (1993). The last line-up featured Krusty (bass/vocals), Prochin (guitar), Bana (keyboard) and Straton (drums).
Footnote: bassist Krusty and drummer Milon would briefly join Titanic before the act folded.

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Dashboard for Forgotten Silence

Nation Czech Republic
Location Rosice
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
E-Mail Czechia
Diskery ID 1172

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