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Disinter (1990-1991, 1996-2010, 2013-present): a Death Metal band from Chicago, Illinois, USA.


n 1990 guitarist Preston Shrewsbury (R.I.P. 2017) formed Disinter, with Eddie on vocals, Tom on guitar, Judd on drums and Jay on bass. After Fred (guitar) replaced Tom, Disinter recorded their Disinterra Et Corpus demo. But after the recording and some local shows, Preston put Disinter to rest due to lack of dedication.

In early 1993 Eyegouger, another local band driven by Preston's grinding guitar, replaced bassist Gene Scrotosac with Rectum Wrecker (Real Name: Mike LeGros). After two years of local shows, a small tour and a few demos, Eyegouger disbanded. Preston and LeGros kept jamming together, and in February 1995, added Dave 'Hellstorm' Chirella (ex-Funeral Nation/ex-Usurper (USA); drums). One month thereafter Eddie returned to vocals, and Michael "Bats" Martocci; bass) also joined.

Musically Disinter could be described as old school thrash/speed metal with '90s death metal influences, delivering heavy hooks and brutal riffing, with blinding, blasting, thrashing drumbeats, guttural growls and screams of pain and agony.

When Disinter officially returned, the Storm Of The Witch demo was born and released to the underground in 1996. Randy Williams of 'Pulverizer Records' became interested and helped Disinter release their debut, Desecrated (1997). Desecrated included the 5 songs that were on the Storm... demo and 5 other songs that were recorded at the Storm... recording session.

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The next year, a nine song promotional sampler Torn From The Grave (1998) was released. The first 3 songs were new with new vocalist Zion (ex-Tiberon), a band out of Dixon, Illinois. Along with his unsurpassed dedication to the craft, Zion also brought a soul that screamed in anger, rage and fear for live performances, especially present on their previous With The Blood demo (1997).

The next release was July of 2000 with the 5 song EP, The Beauty Of Suffering, a limited edition shaped disk featuring new singer Zion Meagher. Also a full-length entitled Welcome To Oblivion followed, with new drummer Tomasz Pilasiewicz (ex-Ad Infinitum/ex-Gorgasm).

In 2001 Disinter signed to 'Morbid Records' for a 2-album deal starting with Demonic Portraiture featuring with Mike Zielinski (bass). The compilation VEDMa (2002) followed, with the second of their contract As We Burn (2004) ending the set.

2004 would prove to be a very active year, for Disinter would release Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead (2004) 2CD featuring new guitarist Tom Tangalos adding to the line-up, Made in Iron EP (2016) and Enslaving The Dead (A Decade of Desecration) CD/DVD compilation (2016) a disc of mostly covers, live, rare and unreleased. Dead Inside EP (2019); the last EP featuring the new line-up of Mike LeGros and Michael "Bats" Martocci in league with Jon Billman (bass), Max Colunga (drums) and Casey Loving (vocals).

Footnote: Not affiliated with the Mexican or Peruvian bands of the same name.

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