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Zero Cipher


Zero Cipher (1998-2009): a Nu-Metal band from Farnham, UK.


ounded in 1998 and naming themselves after a mathematical riddle based on cryptography, 2001 was the year Zero Cipher started to make their mark on the UK scene when their self-titled and self-produced demo shifted over 1000 copies and featured guests like Paul Catten (of Medulla Nocte) and Choff (of Snub). It took the four piece across the UK, and eventually onto the Metal Hammer Class Of 2002 covers CD, featuring the likes of Nickelback, Slipknot and American Headcharge. Despite being unsigned it even earned them endorsements from industry giants Marshall Amplification and SIMS Custom LED.

But the story of Zero Cipher went back to 1998 when Duncan Williams (guitar/vocals), Lee Mason (bass), Will Pain (guitar/vocals), DJ Phoenix (turntables/samples) and Ashly Clay (drums) came together to eventually release their debut demo The Negative Bleeds Belief in 1999, and remixed it for re-release in 2000 without Clay and DJ-Force on Turntables & Samples. Mark Sanger was on drums by the time CDEP (2001) EP demo was ready.

2002 would be their biggest year so far by capitalizing on the success of the last EP by later that year they released a self produced demo 45rpm which received rave reviews. 2003 would see the bands rise to fame get pushed up more with the release of their debut album 45 Minutes Of Fairy Tale Endings their debut self-produced album and subsequent tour seeing them as the last band to ever perform with metalcore band One Minute Silence.

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Changing the rhythm section in 2003, featuring Ryan Harris of Fony now on bass guitar, they would march on to release Diary of a Sadist (2005), Diary of a Sadist 2nd Edition (2007) and Juggernaut (2009) before their cryptographic code was finally broken and they left to solve other puzzles.

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Zero Cipher
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