Wolverine (1995-present): a Progressive Metal band from Söderhamn, Gävleborg, Sweden.


rummer/vocalist Marcus Losbjer and bassist/vocalist Stefan Zell formed Wolverine in 1995. Mikael Zell, Stefan's (guitar) younger brother, came on soon after. In the early days the band played melodic death metal but after a few line-up changes, most notably with Sami Mäki taking over from originally guitarist Björn Renström on guitar, and three demos in the form of Land Of The Midnight Sun (1996), North (1997) and Demo No. 3 (1997), Andreas Baglien (keyboards) and Carl-Henrik Landegren (guitar) joined the band. Together they recorded Wolverine's fourth demo, Fervent Dream. The music had then gone from melodic death metal to melodic progressive metal although mixed up with some "growl-vocals", an element kept since the band's earlier days.

Shortly after the release Wolverine signed to 'Zizania Entertainment Group'. Through 'Zizania', the band released a partly re-recorded version of Fervent Dream as a mini-CD in November 1999, and performed outside Sweden for the first time.

During 2000, Per Broddesson replaced Landegren and the band changed labels to German label 'Emerald Factory' which resulted in another re-release of Fervent Dream in April 2001. In July 2001, the band recorded their debut full-length album, The Window Purpose. But the album would end off being published by 'DVS' due to a last minute label change. Thomas Jansson was also brought into the band at this time since Stefan Zell had decided to focus only on the vocals. Wolverine then engaged on a short European tour together with Canadian band Into Eternity.

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In 2002 the band signed to 'Elitist Records', a subsidiary of the much bigger 'Earache Records' to record Cold Light Of Monday in 2003, an album that proved Wolverine was a band that wasn't afraid to try out different approaches with their music while scored high points in several of Europe's leading magazines and brought the band to a new level.

Thomas Jansson (bass) and Marcus Losbjer (drums/vocals (harsh)) were the new members for Cold Light of Monday (2003). Per Henriksson would assume keyboards for Still (2006) and Communication Lost (2011). Machina Viva (2016) would see Jonas Jonsson on guitars.

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Dashboard for Wolverine

Nation Sweden
City Söderhamn, Gävleborg
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Diskery ID 1154

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