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Buried Dreams


Buried Dreams (1995-2003): a Death Metal band from Naucalpan de Juárez, State of Mexico, Mexico.


tarting playing in January 1995, Buried Dreams originally started with four members who wanted to share musical ideas and influences, but the line-up proved to be unstable almost immediately. By the time their first three song promo-demo The World Beyond arrived the membership had settled on Antonio De Yta (guitar/keyboard/vocals), Ezequiel Mendoza (bass/keyboard) and Anuar Bautista (drums). One month later Buried Dreams won first place in the 1st National Underground heavy metal Contest that led them to sign with 'Oz Records'. Later in August, with a new member for vocals and another added for guitar in the form of Ivan Santos and Ndua Valdespino respectively, the band recorded their first full-length album, Beyond Your Mind. Their subsequent live shows feature them playing alongside Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Impaled Nazarene, In Flames and Helloween. Buried Dreams also toured successfully on the so-called Tormentour, with label mates Shamash and Under Moonlight Sadness together with Disgorge & The Zephyr.

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After two years of live activity, Buried Dreams prepared new music for a second release. Looking for a better sound, in October 1999 the band traveled to Göteborg, Sweden to record a new album called Perceptions. The subsequent support tour saw them in Germany and the US at the Milwaukee Metal Fest. Oscar Doniz had taken over the drums spot before the album's release, along with vocalist Eric Olguin.

Necrosphere their third album, recorded in February 2002, was produced again by Fredrik Nördstrom showing more mature song writing and continuing with the elements used on their previous albums: melody, atmospheres, rhythm changes, aggressive riffing, with powerful vocals. The album featured yet a new drummer, Daniel Romero. Sometime in 2003, however, the band split.

Footnote: Contrary to popular belief Buried Dreams did not take their name from the song by Carcass. It actually came from their own song "Shining on Your Dreams".

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Buried Dreams
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