Enid (1997-2011): a Black Metal band from Porta Westfalica, Germany.


n the spring months of 1997 the wish to bring back the days of Summoning's Minas Morgul masterpiece was the motivation of Martin Wiese and Florian Dammasch, two 17-year-olds. Enchanted by the fantasy of black metal sounds of the Austrian gods and armed with 12 years of playing the piano and several other instruments, as well as with a talent in creating music, Wiese decided to compose a kind of homage to the art of Protector and Silenius. Dammasch became something like a "manager", as he felt responsible for the project and was a part of the enterprise since the beginning.

Due to Wiese's skill in realizing imaginary ideas and inventing bewitching tunes, the first song An Myrrddhin was soon finished... both lads looked for suitable lyrical concept for the undertaking. Finally they decided to adapt some poems relating to the legend of King Arthur and Merlin, the Magician. The moniker Enid, based on the name of the most beautiful virgin during Arthur's reign, was chosen in May 1997.

Two other songs, namely Broséliâwnd and the instrumental piece of music called Enid were soon finished also. Wishing to reveal the inspiration for Enid's music, Wiese, who was basically to this point a soloist, covered Summoning's, The Passing Of The Grey Company, and integrated in to the concept of the songs composed so far as Nahe Avalon. He the completed it all with an introduction entitled Satan & Candida; these four songs constituted the first release. The self-titled demo tape with a playing time of almost 30 minutes was released at the beginning of September 1997.

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Within a few months 200 copies were sold. Fascinated by the high quality standard of Enid, the owner of the German demo label, 'Fog Of The Apocalypse' and former guitarist of Dunkelgrafen, Lord Asgaqlun, offered the release of a 7" EP on his label and Der Tag Zur Sich Senkt... ("The Day Sinks Down Into The Night") with the track Sturmritt ("Stormride") on it near the end of 1997. Unfortunately it turned out that Lord Asgaqlun wasn't able to release it within the promised 8 months, so the DAT tape was sent back to Enid. The German distribution service and label 'Ketzer Distribution' showed serious interest, however, and Der Tag Zur Sich Senkt... was released in April 2001 as a 10" mini LP, but limited to 500 copies with Alboîn on guitars & bass and Tarak on vocals, both featured on selected tracks.

In the mean time, after 15 months of rehearsing, Wiese returned with his own style of composing, influenced by classical music that his future music would feature, with Nachtgedanken ("Night Thoughts") resulting in 1999, originally designed as a demo tape but turning into much more. Weise would then recruit Moritz Neuner (ex-(Dornenreich, Korova, Angizia, Evenfall, Angry Angels, Dreams Of Sanity, of-Abigor)) for drums, and guest vocalist Maria Dorn (of Stardust/ex-Agony) for the release of the follow-up Abschiedsreigen (2000) on the 'CCP' label. But it had become obvious that the growing complexity of the music demanded more musicians and Alboin, Wiese, Dammasch and Neuner returned to recruit Thalos (guitar), Sebastian (drums) and Michael Kipp (acoustic guitar) for full time, but Sebastian was forced to leave due to so-called "attitude problems". The remainder made their debut on the Seelenspiegel (2002) on the 'Code666' label. Gradwanderer followed in 2004. Sebastian Schlüter (ex-Eismalsott) would be back on drums shortly later, however. Munsalvaesche (2011) then followed. There is no record at Diskery, but the band seemed to have split up soon after.

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Nation Germany
City Porta Westfalica
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1997-2011
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2020-09-17
RRCA File Code UC000676
Diskery ID 1122

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