Abortus (1998-2004): a Death Metal band from Sydeney, Australia.


escribed as a cross between old school thrash with death tendencies, Abortus started out in Sydney, Australia in mid 1998. After several membership changes, they eventually settled as a 5-piece band featuring George Kozaroski (bass), George "Gooch" Trajkovski (guitars), Mark "Jack" White (vocals) and Dave Upston (drums).

It all started in 1998, during the first three months Abortus recorded a four-song demo. Soon after, original singer Nev Burrows (ex-Cheynetoke) was forced to resign for personal reasons, with Jeff replacing him for only long enough to record one demo and two months after joining the band; he was fired because of an apparent lack of dedication.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find the right front man, there was talk of Abortus remaining as a four-piece band with Marty on lead vocals/rhythm guitar. But before that idea could get off the ground they received a call from Mark "Jack" White (ex-Cheynestoke), stating that he was interested in trying out for the band as vocalist.

After some intense rehearsals, in early January 1999, Abortus was finally ready to raise its flag around the local scene and see how many people would salute it; the local Metalheads gave them a favorable reception. But after only a few gigs they experienced some more line-up troubles with Marty leaving the band (forced to leave because of conflicting interests). Abortus decided to go on as a four-piece for a while, using the services of a part time rhythm guitarist (only for live purposes), being ex-Majister guitarist Rob Likoski.

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Throughout early 1999 the band built up a strong following, so Abortus recorded their debut CD Judge Me Not, and released it in August 1999. After the release of Judge Me Not, Abortus continued to headline many shows around the Sydney metal scene until May 2000 when the original drummer left the band. While Abortus were searching for a new drummer, they continued to write new material for a second CD. In August 2000, Abortus found the drummer they needed; Mike came into the band. He was given the new material and had until November 2000 to be ready to start pre-production for the second CD titled Process Of Elimination. The 2nd full length CD was recorded in January, 2001 and released through Italian Label 'Code666' in October 2001.

Two months after the first CD release, the act went on their first European tour, supporting Ancient Rites, and Mystic Circle. The tour consisted of about 20 shows across Germany, Holland, Italy, Franc e, Czech Republic, Austria & Switzerland.

Securing tour opportunities with Australia acts Sadistik Execution and Dreadnaught and, finally the big-named American act Nevermore on their Australian tour. Matt Herd then left the band, making room for Michael Stojcevski, and in January 2001 their second full-length, Process Of Elimination arrived.

After going home, Abortus planned, booked and promoted their own headline Tour of Australia. This tour consisted of over 20 shows over the space of 8 months. It started in April and finished in November 2002. It went across all the major cities and towns across Australia. After this tour, Abortus became a headliner act across the whole country. After the Australian tour, Mike left the band leaving them drummer-less again. Abortus received the services of temporary fill in drummer Dave Upston, and continued to play Headlining shows in 2003, while writing the new material for a third full length release. In September-October 2003, Abortus supported Mystic Circle on their debut Australian Headline Tour. This tour was once again arranged, organized and promoted by Abortus themself. After the tour, Abortus employed their long awaited 2nd guitarist. The had been looking for a 2nd guitarist since the original rhythm guitarist was fired back in 1998, but finally found one in the form of Wader. Dave Upston (ex-Inferis) then assumed the drum spot. In 2002 the band split to reform as Herratik.

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Dashboard for Abortus

Nation Australia
Location Sydeney
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-2004
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1114

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