Snake Eyes


Snake Eyes (1996-present): a NWOBHM band from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.


n 1996 guitarist and songwriter "Wizard Oz" (Real Name: Glenn McGuire) placed a local classified ad in the Vancouver, Canada area asking for talented musicians to follow him in a band named Snakebite. It wasn't long before he found some followers for the 1997 demo. McGuire met Mark Sandquist and the pair collaborated on previously written solo material, and soon after showed up at the door of Dublin Street Studios, where Adam Matheny (owner and drum player) enjoyed their sound so much he joined their team to play skins during the recording of their demo set. (These three demo tracks Dream Girl, That's Life, and Mind Full Of Guilt would later appear on their debut CD). Adam's engineering schedule, however, shortened his career with the outfit, and in the winter of 1997 he was replaced with Abe Michaud (ex-Sally Bash/of Dragline). In the winter of 1997, a 4 track demo was completed, including the tracks Make My Day and Mind Full Of Guilt with James Chang (ex-Sacred Blade) on vocals. In August of 1997 Paul LeComte (ex-Casm/ex-Tyrant (Canada)/ex-Anesthesia/ex-Sally Bash) completed their line up by permanently filling the vocals and drum slot respectively. But their growing pains hadn't ended yet for a naming conflict forced them to change their name in September of 1998 to Snake Eyes.

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August 6, 1999 marked the launch day of their debut CD The Journey Begins in select stores in Canada and Ireland. The album featured straight-up old-fashioned NWOBHM, mostly pre-Iron Maiden, even if that band played a heavy influence. Clad in rivets and leather, Snake Eyes reminded the listener of a time gone by and desperate to be relived. Snake Eyes would be one of the forerunners in the "New Wave Revivalist" movement in the 1990s. By 2001 they were receiving international exposure by 'Emperor Multimedia' and its 'Diskery' subsidiary.

In late 2001 McGuire, himself would engage in a side project called Cryers Diary, featuring bassist Jon Millard (ex-Angel Witch/ex-Heavens Gate) and R.A. Slingsby (ex-Merideous; vocals). A further project between McGuire and members of U.S.M. would progress while McGuire was staying in England in early 2002.

Upon return from the UK, McGuire would hire the services of Derek McDonald (a.k.a. Emperor Skel; bass) to take over the empty bass spot. McDonald was no stranger to the music business, and was responsible in getting their earlier 'Diskery' deal, as well as being instrumental in their first attempts at a music video; no big surprise since McDonald owned 'Emperor Multimedia', (the former parent company of 'Diskery'). A remix of their debut The Journey Begins (2004) as well as an EP was also completed featuring a more modern and up-tempo sound but it failed to gain widespread notice. In May of 2004 McGuire completely recruited a new line-up. The video deal failed, but McDonald would eventually get a video deal with Toronto band Penetrator a few years later.

McDonald was also ousted from the band and replaced with Rob Eaglestone (ex-Cradle Of Filth) but fell on his feet to return to his business ventures and his Demon's Rage (old-school traditional black metal heavily aided by computer electronics and spike, leather, vinyl, corpse paint and chainmail as the general attire) music project. Demon's Rage was most noted for the humorous I Am Satan song, specifically with lines like "I am Satan and I hate babies; I kill little puppies by giving them rabies!" There was talk that he and one of his his cousins may yet start a new future band (McDonald has no less than three cousins also in the business) but that never happened. But he did land several cameo spots on Penentrator's debut music video.

McGuire would return to the UK and meet with Anthony Meachan (vocals), Lee Prout (drums) and Tony Ritchie (ex-USM; bass) to restart Snake Eyes. Recording at POD Studios, Les Binks (former Judas Priest drummer) provided experience for the first cut of their proposed new album, The Wizard's Curse. Soon after releasing the title track's single, Snake Eyes went on to make their first professional video at a castle ruin clad in leather, studs with lots of ladies now boasting a more power metal style and sound. In 2006 Utku Teksoz would replace Ritchie.

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Nation Canada
Location New Westminster, British Columbia
Formations 1
Active Years 1996-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Promotional Address OzMedia 1-361 Keary St.
New Westminster, BC.
Canada. V3L 3L2
Diskery ID 111

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