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Thy Flesh Consumed


Thy Flesh Consumed (2001-2010): a Death Metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


riginally started by Dan Jamieson (ex-Sloth; guitar) and Gerald Smith (ex-Sloth; drums) who soon after recruited John Haight (backing vocals/guitar) and Peter "Pnumatic" Mestre (vocals), the original line-up of Thy Flesh Consumed lasted only one show, with Haight leaving for personal issues before Randy "Crust" Jeddry joined on bass (who would later be replaced by Ross Vickers). At first Smithtold Mestre to write lyrics about any thing he wanted, but when he wrote important social lyrics the band grew to the idea and figured he was on to something. Melding styles of grind, crust, death, and black metal they would deliver a disgusting but effective slab of sonic brutality featuring absolutely (as the band biography would so clearly declare) "no drum triggers, no pitch-shifters on vocals. and no bass picks", to produce an old-school style of death metal with  Smith, Jamieson, Mestre and Jeddry recruiting Dave Burns (ex-Burning Moon; guitar) for the Dawn Of The Impurity Design (2002) and End Of Blind Obedience (2003) releases. Pacified by Oceans of Blood (2006) and Unrepentant (2009) would follow until the act split in 2009.

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Dave Burns (Real Name: Dave Desveaux would take up guitar 2004-2009. Jamieson and Smith would go on to form Burnt Church (Canada).

Footnote: Dan Jamieson is related to Diskery author Derek McDonald.

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Thy Flesh Consumed
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