Reign Of Terror


Reign Of Terror (1997-present): a Death Metal band from El Passo, Texas, USA.


n 1997 El Paso, Texas, saw three "mighty horned gods encroaching" when Marc "The Engine" Arredondo (drums), David Subia (vocals), and CJ Holguin (bass) leave their former bands, Mortis and Severe Beating respectively to form Reign Of Terror, the Texas death metal band known their for "glorification of death, Satanism, hate, violence, and blasphemy".

Shortly after Reign Of Terror came together, guitarist Thorben Rathje (of Obscuratio) was invited to join the band before their first album, the 10 track Traversing The Realms Of Acheron was released in 1998, an album that laid the groundwork for the dark, occult, and brutal death metal they became known for.

That same year, however, just before the publication, the band faced their first obstacle: David Subia had failed to show up for some gigs and was soon after told to leave the band. Now without a vocalist, self-taught Holguin took over and filled the vacant spot along with his bass duties.  But the membership troubles weren't over yet when Thorben, due to immigration laws, had to return to his native country, Germany. It was then when long-time friend of the band, Richard Osmond, became ROT's guitarist. Reign Of Terror's desire to play faster, heavier, and more brutal gave room for a second guitarist, and in 1999 Gilbert Sanchez joined the gang. ROT wasted no time and self-released Inverted Beliefs Of The Sanguine God in March 2000, but soon after both guitarists left, leaving Arredondo and Holguin now by themselves. But the pair wasted no time looking for a new guitarist when Alex Otero (ex-Stonege) came to help out. The act would soon be blessed when their two guitarists: Osmond returned in time to record Threnody Of The Impaled, and after its release in April 2002, Sanchez rejoined. Sanchez, however, soon after left again. As a relatively young band, Reign Of Terror quickly pushed their way into the spotlight with that release.

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Now as a triplet under 'Evil Vengeance Records' and with over 200 live performances, and touring gigs with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Krisiun, Angel Corpse, Vital Remains, Monstrosity, among many others, Reign Of Terror made their mark on the death metal scene but just as things were on the rise and another demo, they have failed to release an album since Threnody Of The Impaled. The act has failed to release anything in over a decade and a half (at time of this writing) and their active status is now unknown.

Footnote: In 1997 the members would also form a black metal side project titled Pyre.

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Dashboard for Reign Of Terror

Nation USA
Location El Passo, Texas
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1997-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1105

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