Graveworm (1992-present): a Gothic band from Brunico, Italy.


rrive on this earth in 1992, Graveworm would opened shop with Stefano Fiori (vocals), Sabine Mair (keyboards), Dietmar Schraffl (bass), Stefan Unterpertinger (guitar) and Maschtl Innerbichler (drums) to produce a melodic mixture of dark and mystic heavy metal sounds. Signing to 'Serenades Records' they would release their Demo 97 demo release in 1997, a release more into the punk style than anything else that was followed by When Daylight's Gone (1997). A tour with Crematory, Therion and Lake Of Tears followed and proved to introduce the band to the public. Shortly after the tour, the EP Underneath The Crescent Moon followed in 1998, featuring the hymns Awaiting The Shining, as well as the classical version of the track Awake sung by Sarah Jezebel Deva (of Cradle Of Filth and Therion), who became close friends with the band. The record also featured new member, Harry Klenk (guitars). A video for Awaiting The Shining was produced, featuring coverage filmed by national Italian TV, who made a road report about the band when they played the 'Serenadess Records' festival, along with Haggard and others. Graveworm's popularity was growing, culminating in them playing at the Wacken Festival in 1998 and their second album, As The Angel Reached The Beauty (1999), an album that saw Eric (of Souls At Zero; guitar) join to replace Unterpertinger who would be phased out by the next two albums. A German tour with Mystic Circle, Stormlord and Suidakra ensued, followed by a European tour with Agathodaimon and Siebenburgen, as well as a festival appearance at the Wave Gotik Treffen before Schraffl left with Harry taking his spot, Harry had previously played only guitar since his debut with the band on Eternal Winds; Lukaswould assume his vacant guitar spot.

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In 2001 Scourge Of Malice was released with new member Eric Treffel taking over rythm guitars. The album was released featuring their most brutal material, including the cover of Iron Maiden's Fear Of The Dark, later also released on the Tribute To The Beast compilation. Their first headliner tour, supported by Vintersord, Dornenreich and Darkwell, followed which turned out to be very successful. The band played the Summer Breeze Festival 2001, as well as a headliner show at the Italian Badia Rocks in 2002.

With all this popularity and exposure, 'Nuclear Blast' came calling for the production of their fourth album, Engraved In Black (2003) now with Eric Righi on guitars and bass, whose most noted attempt was another cover-version, this time It's A Sin of the 80's pop act Pet Shop Boys.

The next set, (N)Utopia (2005), saw two replacements in the form of Moritz Neuner (drums) and Lukas Flarer (guitars/songwriting). Orgler Thomas (guitars/songwriting) would be the new person of note for Collateral Defect (2007) and Diabolical Figures (2009). For Fragments of Death (2011) and Ascending Hate (2015), Florian Reiner would represent bass. The career compilation The Nuclear Blast Recordings would follow in 2018.

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Dashboard for Graveworm

Nation Italy
Location Brunico
Genre Gothic
Formations 1
Active Years 1992-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1102

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