Severed Savior


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Severed Savior (2000-present): a Death Metal band from California, USA.


n early 1997, guitarists Murray Fitzpatrick and Tom Stoltz came together to form a death metal band called Christ Denied. After writing two songs the pair invited Greg White (drums) to the band, and after a few months, White recruited Armondo Avalos into the band for bass.

In late 1998, Stoltz moved to Hawaii and the remaining members of Christ Denied asked Mike Gilbert from the band Where? to replace him. The next member they took on was Troy Fullerton (ex-Where?) and by the beginning of 1999, White was issued the bad news that he was ousted in place of Fullerton. About a month later, long time friend Dusty Boisjolie was brought in as the vocalist. Christ Denied was now a solid five-piece with a professional sound and five songs.

In March 2000, Christ Denied recorded their five song demo Puddle Of Gore at House of Faith Studios in Oakland, California and soon after found themselves opening for Incantation. Jared Deaver (of Deeds Of Flesh) at the show and asked Fullerton for a demo. The demo went to 'Unique Leader Records'. The band was getting bigger and needed a name change because of another band in Europe using the same name and Severed Savior was chosen in August of 2000 when they opened for Deeds Of Flesh and Disgorge; a new demo CD was released in early 2000.

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The year 2001 brought another line up change when bassist Avalos was released of his duties. The dismissal of the bassist was premature for live commitments were looming so Fitzpatrick switched to bass to fulfill the commitments while the search continued. During this time, Jared Deaver had left Deeds Of Flesh, so Severed Savior asked him to join. Deaver quickly learned all the songs and played his first show as a member of Severed Savior in San Francisco a month after he joined.

Deaver, with Severed Savior, wrote new material for an upcoming EP for 'Skeptic Productions', while later, in August, they recorded a further 3 songs and when 'Unique Leader Records' received a copy of the EP it was released. But the deal with 'Skeptic' fell through, so the Forced To Bleed EP was released by 'Disfigured' in November of 2001. Shortly after, however, Gilbert decided to leave the band. Deaver knew of a replacement guitarist and so asked Rob Lumbre (ex-Psypheria/ex-Mucus Membrane/ex-Osmium/ex-Punisher (as drummer)) to join.

Brutality Is Law m their debut would finally arrive in 2003 the same year Gilbert returned. After Anthony Trapani joined in 2007, Servile Insurrection (2008) arrived soon after.

Footnote: Do not confuse this band's original name Christ Denied with the European band of the same name.

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Nation USA
Location California
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2000-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 1098

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