Billyclub (1995-present): a Punk band from Dallas, Texas, USA.


ormed from the remains of such rock greats as the UK Subs and Exploited, Billyclub started up in Dallas, Texas as a straight-up punk act in 1995. Touring with the likes of Bad Religion, Fear, G.B.H., Nashville Pussey, GWAR, to name a few, they would establish themselves as a local must see act. Featuring Kurt Grayson (vocals), Karl Morris (ex-Broken Bones/Exploited; guitar), Matt McCoy (ex-UK Subs; drums), Kevin Lynn (bass), and after releasing 2 7" releases as well as two full length albums, (It's Better To Be) Pissed Off (1996) and Out To Lunch (1998), on the 'Idol' label they would represent the punk movement at its very essence.

After signing to 'Hello Records' in 1999 Billyclub would release two split EP with G.B.H., GBH*/Billyclub - punk rock As Fuck!!! (1999) and GBH*/Billyclub - Punkrockambulance (2000), as well as a new 6 track CD, FUVM (Fuck You Very Much) (2000). Other releases included: IDOM Gaga (2000),Serve Loud (2000), Self Help/Homicide (1996), No Justice (2007) and Generation Time Bomb (2016).

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