Dream Death


Dream Death (1985-1989, 2011-present): a Doom Metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


eceiving high acclaim as being one of the better 'New Renaissance' releases of the eighties, featuring the membership of Brian Lawrence (vocals/guitar), Terry Weston (guitar), Ted Williams (bass) and Mike Smail (drums), Dream Death would release their one and only recording under the original configuration, Journey into Mystery (1987), an album that combined doom elements with hardcore vocals and plenty of speed, styles common today but seen as radical in its day. The band broke up in early 1989, but reformed some time later with a modified lineup under the new name Penance.

The Back from the Dead compilation (2005) and Pittsburgh Sludge Metal live (2009) were released posthumously.

In 2011 the act reformed with Mike Smail (drums; of-Penance/ex-Under the Sun/ex-Internal Void/ex-Pentagram/ex-Monolith/of-Wielder (live)/ex-Cathedral), Brian Lawrence (guitars/vocals; ex-Penance), Terry Weston(guitars; of-Blackfinger/of-Penance/ex-Doomwatch) and Richard Freund (bass) with Justin Gizzi) adding to the line-up with lead guitar in 2014 to release Somnium Excessum (2013) and Dissemination (2016).

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