Insania (1992-present): a Power Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.


arfalla, a suburb north of Stockholm, Sweden is the home of Insania, six guys in their early twenties who desired to spread their music all over the world. They wanted nothing but the best for their music, offering up honesty and integrity in their attitude and sound using the influences of Helloween and Blind Guardian.

Drummer Mikko Korsbäck and guitarist Henrik Juhano, both from Stockholm, founded Insania in 1992. Before, Insania, Mikko was a member of various rock acts, and Henrik played in The Juvenilesguitar player Niklas Dahlin joined the band in early 1994. Niklas, as a classmate of Mikko of years past was introduced to music. At the same time, bass player Tomas Stolt didn't want to play in Insania anymore and he left one week before the band was supposed to play a gig in Jarfalla, Sweden. They found a temporary replacement for that show, however, and fortunately the show was a success. The band rehearsed and gigged extensively in Stockholm and, shortly later, Tomas decided to return. Mikko was still singing and playing the drums at the same time, however, and it soon became evident that the band needed a new singer. David Hendriksson, from the north of Sweden, got the nod and he subsequently moved to Stockholm.

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Insania made their first demo tape under this line up in 1996. It contained Secret Of Life, Fire In The Sky and World Of Ice, as well as other selections. Copies of the demo were sent to various record companies in Sweden, but it was 'No Fashion Records' who selected them after seeing a show at Studion, Stockholm. With the guidance and production skills from Tomas Skogsberg (of Entombed and Dismember) they completed their 1999 album, World Of Ice, with the membership of David Henriksson (vocals), Henrik Juhano (guitars), Niklas Dahlin (guitars), Tomas Stolt (bass), Mikko Korsbäck (drums) and Patrik Västilä (keyboards).

Insania then toured their homeland extensively during the following summer and, by autumn 1999, played the outdoor festival, Sweden rock Festival" with Manowar, among other metal acts.

New material was written from the spring to summer 2000 and the band hit the studio once again. Sunrise In Riverland was the result. The album was totally from their past works, but the fresh approach from producer Mikko Karmila resulted in a dramatic and melodic sounding metal album. By 2002 another album was in the works to feature David Henriksson on vocals; that album, Fantasy (A New Dimension), would arrive in 2003.

After two more demos, Agony - Gift of Life (2007), would arrive featuring Ola Halén (vocals/bass (Track 6)/piano (Track 13)), Mikko Korsbäck (drums) and Dimitri Keiski (keyboards/piano/hammond/vocals) as the new members of note.

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Dashboard for Insania

Nation Sweden
Location Stockholm
Genre Power Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1992-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address No Fashion Records.
Textilvagen 7 - 120
Stockholm, Sweden
Diskery ID 107

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