Solstice (1990-present): a Doom Metal band from Dewsbury, UK.


ritish act Solstice played classic doom metal by being heavy without sounding dreary and featuring clear NWOBHM inspired vocals. The band was more known for the membership which included (in its early days) Cradle Of Filth guitarist Gian Pyres performing under the similar name of John Piras. Among that membership was also Shaun Taylor-Steels (drums; Anathema/My Dying Bride), Dave "Doom" Talbot (guitar/vocals), Brendan Dawson (bass) and founding guitarist member Rich Walker who was also founder of the 'Miskatonic Foundation' record label.

Contemporary with the second wave of black metal that was especially active in Norway and other Scandinavian nations, Solstice released their debut album Lamentations (1994) on England's 'Candlelight Records'. The album was followed by a UK tour with Count Raven and a European tour with Anathema.

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1996 saw the release of their Halcyon EP on 'Godhead Recordings'. It would be wo years later when the band signed with 'Misanthropy Records' to release their follow-up New Dark Age (1998). Soon after, Solstice experienced issues with their line-up, culminating in a split in 2002. New Dark Age was the album that got them notice, especially for the opening track, The Sleeping Tyrant. Walker would leave to concentrate on his business endeavors while the other members went off to explore other types of heavy metal music.

The act would return in 2018 to release White Horse Hill.

Whether it be for recording or performing, this act has had a lot of members, including current members:
Richard M. Walker (guitar (1990-2002, 2007-present)),
Rick Budby (drums (1996-2002, 2016-present)),
Andy Whittaker (guitar (2010-present)),
Daryl Parson (bass (2018-present)) and
Hagthorn (vocals (2019-present)) as well as past members:
Paul Youdan (vocals (1991-1992)),
Mark Stojsavljevic (vocals (1992-1993)),
Simon Matravers (vocals (1994-1995)),
Morris Ingram (vocals (1996-2002)),
Tom Phillips (vocals (1996)),
Adrian Miles (vocals (2007-2010)),
Paul Britton (vocals (2010-2011)),
Paul Thomas Kearns (vocals (2011-2019)),
Lennaert Roomer (guitar (1991-1992)/drums (1994-1995)),
Lee Baines (guitar (1992-1993)),
Hamish Glencross (guitar (1996-1999)),
Jerry Budby (guitar (2000)),
Roberto Mendes (guitar (2001-2002)),
Lee Netherwood (bass (1994-2002)),
Diccon Harper (bass (2007-2010)),
Lenny Robinson (bass (2010-2012)),
Ian "Geezer" Buxton (bass (2012-2018)),
Gary Riley (drums (1990-1993)),
Richard Horton (drums (2010-2011)),
Del Nichol (drums (2011-2012)) and
James Ashbey (drums (2012-2016)).

Footnote: Do not confuse this act with another UK band that plays a melodic neo-progressive music, with some jazz and folk elements, including violin and flutes and vocals very similar to Jon Anderson's Yes.

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Dashboard for Solstice

Nation UK
City Dewsbury
Genre Doom Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1990-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 1063

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Anathema Count Raven Cradle Of Filth
My Dying Bride

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