Raw Power


Raw Power (1981-present): a Punk band from Reggio Emilia, Italy.


taly's Raw Power has been cranking out punk rock since 1981. Originally assuming the name of Codeluppi's rock styled cover band Off Limit before assuming the Raw Power name later that same year (from the Stooges 1973 album with the same name), they became a cult favorite, especially with such seminal releases as 1985's Screams From The Gutter. It started with the release of the 19-track demo (often referred as the "Brown Studio Tape") with two songs appearing in the Italian punk rock compilation, Raptus. The tape also included the song Fuck Authority, which appeared in 'Maximumrocknroll's international punk rock and hardcore compilation, Welcome to 1984.Their debut album, You Are The Victim, was released in 1983 through the same label that released the Raptus compilation ('Meccano Records'). Raw Power then saw another two tracks featured on the second Raptus compilation, Raptus: Negazione e superamento (1984).

Touring with the likes of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies, their live act lives up to their name being described as, "a nuclear bomb!"

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Over the years many members have come and gone through their ranks, but founding brothers Mauro and Guiseppe Codeluppi would remain the only original members. For the debut demo, Silvio Codeluppi (bass/vocals), Helder Stefanini (drums) and Maurizio Dodi (guitars) would join them. This line-up would remain stable through the releases of Raw Power compilation (1983; a compilation of their unpublished and demo tracks), the aforementioned You Are the Victim (1984), and Screams from the Gutter (1985; this album would see Maurizio Dodi switch to bass) with Davide Devoti assuming his vacant guitar slot.

After the live set Live in the U.S.A. (1985), Fabiano Bianco (drums) wold be in place for the Wop Hour EP (1985). One of the guitar slots (and backing vocals) would be taken by Silvio Stefanini for the After Your Brain (1986) release.

Alessandro Paolucci would be in place for bass on the Mine to Kill (1989) album.

Over the time that followed, the drum role would be assumed by several men, including Roberto Colla, Emanuele Castagneti, Fabio Ferrari, Andrea Cavani and Paolo Casali, while the guitars would be assumed by Niccolò Bossini, Tommi Prodi and Luca "Lupus" Carpi (who left in 2007 and died 2012 of a pulmonary embolism). Alessandro "Ronko" Ronchini would have a spell at bass between 2000-2008.

After the second live effort, Live Danger (1991), a long list of participation of compilation albums and touring followed, centering especially on the USA, culminating in the release of albums on a multitude of labels:
Too Tough to Burn (1993),
Screams from the Gutter/After Your Brain compilation (1994),
Fight (1995),
Live from the Gutter live (1996),
Reptile House (1998),
Trust Me! (2000),
...Still Screaming (After 20 Years) (2003),
The Hit List compilation (2004),
Fuck Authority compilation (2005),
Resuscitate (2010),
The Reagan Years compilation (2010),
Birth compilation (2012),
Tired and Furious (2014) and
Inferno (2017; an album featuring the line-up of Mauro Codeluppi (vocals), Marco Massarenti (bass), Gianmarco Agosti (drums) and Paolo di Bernardo (guitars)).

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Raw Power
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Dashboard for Raw Power

Nation Italy
City Reggio Emilia
Genre Punk
Formations 1
Active Years 1981-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 105

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Raw Power


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