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Damien Throne


Damien Throne (1983-1986, 1998-present): a Speed Metal band from Chicago, Illinois, USA.


ne of many similarly styled basic power/thrash metal bands of the mid-eighties Damien Thorne's debut, Sign Of The Jackal, featuring the line-up of Michael Monroe (guitar), Ken Starr (guitar), Sanders Pate (bass), Justin Fate (vocals/bass) and Pete Pagonis (drums) was moderately successful when it was released in 1986. After recording the follow-up, Wrath Of Darkness (1983), however, the band fell in to legal problems with their label 'Roadrunner', resulting in the album unreleased until chummier times in 2001 with an unknown label. Much of the act then moved to Los Angeles, effectively splitting it.

In 1998 Fate returned to Chicago and put together a brand new lineup featuring the returning Fate, along with Ken Mandat (guitar), Matt Heuser (guitar) and Tommy Krez (drums), eventually recording an EP with the title Former Life (1998) that was followed by the aforementioned shelved earlier album. In 2002 they were still active in the Chicago area, so much so that three more albums emerged in the form of Haunted Mind (2005), End of the Game (2011) and Soul Stealer (2015) under the membership of Rick Browz (bass), Mike Browz (drums), Ken Mandat (guitars) and Joe Martina (vocals). Martin DeBourge would assume vocals on the latter two albums.

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Damien Throne
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