The Dead Kennedys (1978-1986) is a Punk band from San Francisco, California, USA.


fter considering the names Thalidomide and The Sharks, Dead Kennedys was founded in early 1978 by Jello Biafra (Real Name: Eric Boucher; vocals) and East Bay Ray (Real Name: Ray Glasser; guitar/synthesizer ), after recruiting Klaus Fluoride (bass/vocals), Ted (Real Name: Bruce Slesinger; drums) and, for a time the member only known as 6025.

Using his razor sharp satire against the American way of life, Biafra modeled his punk rock after the classic British style. D.K. became public enemy #1 rather quickly and record companies steered clear of them but they were determined to have their work published so Biafra & Co. opened up their own 'Alternative Tentacles' to release their 45 debut as California Uber Alles (1979). The record featured Biafra's hysterical vocals squealing about the then California governor Jerry Brown back dropped by a Hardcore punk soundtrack. With a reprint license in the UK it, and the follow-up 45 Holiday In Cambodia, was heard in the UK The UK market would prove to be an important one for D.K. when their debut album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegitables made an unexpected 33 on the charts. The Let's Lynch The Landlord, Drug Me and Kill The Poor singles that followed supported the album; Kill The Poor getting 49 on its own. Viva Las Vegas (formerly an Elivs hit) and Stealing People's Mail showed Biafra's twisted sense of humor.

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Too Drunk To Fuck (1981) became the only single to that point to chart in the top 40 using the "F" word in its title. The platter got 36 actually, and also featured the arrival of D. (Darren) H. Delgado on drums to replace Ted.

A deadpan version of Rawhide, as well as the American hit single Nazi punks Fuck Off were the tracks of choice on the 10" mini set In God We Trust Inc. (1981). The band then took some time off to concentrate on their business ventures releasing a compilation featuring up-and-coming American indie bands titled Let Them Eat Jellybeans before returning to the studio with Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982), featuring the classic tracks Bleed For Me and Halloween.

After several years on the road touring they returned in 1985 with Frankenchrist, an album distributed with the "Penis Landscape" free poster by H.R. Giger, included. The album's charms were passed over in the news in favor of the activities of its enemies, specifically the PMRC and US government, who managed to get Biafra and several of his label big wigs into court on obscenity laws, accusing them of distributing "harmful material" to minors. The case was thrown out of court when the jury couldn't decide. Although they were victorious in the battle, the band had suffered a fatal blow due to the high cost of their defense, which effectively bankrupted the act after their swansong, Bedtime For Demcoracy (1986), was released.

Although Dead Kennedys as the world knew them were not around anymore, the members continued with their punk activities separately. Biafra continued with his 'Alternative Tentacles' business endeavors by publishing and distributing Hardcore and punk rock well into the future, including such acts as Tribe-8 (in the 1990s), etc. In the mean time he entertained himself with both solo and shared efforts including his own solo spoken word attempts as No More Cocoons (1987), High Priest Of Harmful Matter (1989), I Blow Minds For A Living (1991; musical attempt), Beyond The Valley Of The Gift (1994) and If Evolution Is Outlwed Only Outlwas Will Evolve (1998). He also had work in cooperation with other's including Mojo Nixon and the Prarie Home Invasion (1994), under the name Tumor Circus with Darren Mor-X, Dale Flat-Um and Mike Mdraskoid (Steel Pole Bath Tub) for Tumor Circus - High Voltage Conspiracy For Radical Freedom (1991), with No Means No and Tipper Gore Bob Wright (guitar), John Wright (drums), John Card (percussion) to release The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (1991) and last, but not least his efforts with Lard to release The Last Temptation Of Lard (1990), a surprising hit in the UK at 69 featuring Al Jorgensen & Paul Barker of Ministry and Jeff Ward (drums), along with Pure Chewing Satisfaction (1997) with Paul Rieflin on drums. He also had a stint with D.O.A. titled Jello Biafra and D.O.A. for the release of The Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors (1991).

There have been more recent attempts at restarting Dead Kennedys as a complete act.

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Nation USA
City San Francisco, California
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Punk
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1978-1986
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code UC000376
Diskery ID 827

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