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February 19, 2024:Foreign Language Fix

February 3, 2024:CPRA, GDPR, EPD, ARIA Compliancy Achieved

January 18, 2024:QR Codes Created Internally Now

January 12, 2014:Site Parameters Adjusted

December 31, 2023:Simplified Icons, Discography Recording Types, and Page Titles are Here!

December 31, 2023:New APP API Version!

December 31, 2023:Diskery V3 POC 'a GO'!!

November 20, 2023:New Title Page (Experiment?)

November 1, 2014:A Cleaning of Definitions

October 30, 2023:Fault fixed and Server upgrades

October 15, 2023:Discography Link Fault Detected

July 11, 2023:Geolocate Stopped Locating

June 11, 2023:FAQ Reference Now Available

June 11, 2023:Free use access to Radio DJs

May 23, 2023:Featured Artists Program Update

May 20, 2023:Diskery Expands into new web domains

February 24, 2023:Diskery Archives Every Band in a Country

February 5, is here

January 25, 2023:Database Refactoring Disaster!

December 31, 2022:Database Updates

October 14, 2022:Subgenres Now Listed

September 2, 2022:Development of Diskery 3 Delayed

August 1, 2022:Javascript Overhaul

July 26, 2022:News Articles Now in a Database

July 26, 2022:Database Cleanup

April 16, 2022:New Funding Means New Features

February 1, 2022:Diskery Announces V3

January 10, 2022:New App API Launched

December 8, 2021:Last 32 Bit Server and New Pictures

November 7, 2021:Featured Artist links are Finally Here!

October 17, 2021:QR Link Codes

October 10, 2021:More efficient code

August 21, 2021:'0' Dates Done!!

July 28, 2021:Accessibility Needs!

June 20, 2021:Needed Upgrades!

March 23, 2021:A New First!

February 1, 2021:The Refactor Factor

August 5, 2020:"Simply" A New Feature! The "SIMPLIFIED VIEW"

July 28, 2020:Some Programming Fixes for Small Screen Users

June 17, 2020:The Grand Re-opening!

May 5, 2020:New Platform For Music Loving App Developers: Press Release!

March 31, 2020:Random Artist Button Expanded & Event Cancelled

March 25, :Software Upgrade: JSON+LD

March 18, 2020:Image Links Updated

March 15, :21 year Celebration Spoiled by A World Pandemic

January 19, 2020:Repairs to Database Delay New Entries.

November 3, 2019:Diskery Adds New Music Genre!

September 28, 2019:Diskery Establishes LinkedIn Page!

September 27, 2019:First International Ad Campaign!

September 24, 2019:First Chinese Listing!

September 21, 2019:Happy Birthday Diskery!!!

August 28, 2019:Database Updates Complete

June 23, 2019:Website Migration

June 5, 2019:DISKERY.CO Re-registration

May 9, 2019:DISKERY.COM & DISKERY.CO Link-up

May 1, 2019:Finding the Last Record

March 24, 2019:Internet Outage

February 3, 2019:Another Big Fixed and Genre Lnks Added

February 1, 2019:A Bug In The System!

October 1, 2018:Finally! Album Pictures!!

September 1, 2018:New Domain Name

August 24, 2018:Bug Fixes --FINALLY--

July 12, 2018:Server Upgrades

June 11, 2018:HTTPS Conversion Completed

May 27, 2018:Electric Eye Has Been Switched On

March 20, 2018:Better Search Abilities

February 7, 2018:Sales of Music Again at Diskery

January 28, 2018:New Graphics and Security

January 18, 2018:New Search Features

December 21, 2017:More Mobile Abilities and Search Methods

October 10, 2017:Picture Links & Ads Away?

August 17, 2017:Construction Moving Along

May 17, 2017:Icons & People

April 18, 2017:What Type of Recording is It?


January 18, 2017:Active Dates Re-Re-Programmed

December 4, 2016:End of the Stubbys

November 27, 2016:Updates Search Box

November 1, 2016:The Picture Diet

September 30, 2016:Scrambled Text Fixed

August 18, 2016:Interface Update

July 29, 2016:Technological Changes Complete

May 5, 2016:Technological Changes Part 3

April 11, 2016:Technological Changes Part 2

March 24, 2016:Technological Changes

January 26, 2016:Fixed URLs

October 7, 2015:Loads of Updates

March 26, 2014:Diskery Moves

October 14, 2014:Two New Bands Added

August 7, 2014:Diskery in the News

August 1, 2014:WELCOME ONE AND ALL!

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